Author of Texas GOP Ex-Gay Plank Tied to Sex Offender

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    Jul 18, 2014 4:27 PM GMT
    Author of Texas GOP Ex-Gay Plank Tied to Sex Offender

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    Jul 18, 2014 4:37 PM GMT
    Oh, yeah! THIS guy again!

    BilericoFirst, I found a fake (last) name, a connection to a "Jeremy Joel" with a website, Joel 2:25. I recognized that the title was from a bible verse, but I was shocked to see the verse was about a great locust invasion. Was he calling gay people locusts? In time I would find out it would be a better description of Jeremy's reparative therapist, a man who is currently on probation for sexual assaults.

    Jeremy could not release his real last name, Schwab, for a number of reasons, because he had been lying on video about how long he had been in reparative therapy, how long he had been living an openly gay life and a string of contradictory claims about his life, but most of all because of his own written statements in praise of a registered sex offender, Christopher Joe Austin, who had been his reparative therapist in Irving, a suburb of Dallas. Jeremy Schwab had gone to Austin weekly for five years, from 2002 to 2007, but had to stop when the reparative therapist was arrested on child porn charges and sexual assault.

    Three victims would come forward to corroborate the charges against Schwab's therapist. Schwab, who claims he was a sexual assault victim himself in his youth, was intensely hostile to the victims. He was in a "circle the wagons" mode because if the man who "cured" him of homosexuality was a fraud and abuser, that would mean Schwab might not really be healed of homosexuality.

    BilericoWhen Schwab stood by the convicted reparative therapist after the man was convicted of sexual assault, Schwab stated, "I've been guilty of much worse." That statement is startling and disturbing. When I did a phone interview with Schwab this week, he did not have an explanation for that comment other than to state, "that was years ago... I don't know."

    BilericoSchwab's anger over the "unfairness" of what happened to his reparative therapist greatly troubled him. From 2007 to 2009 he had no regular reparative therapist and he says he began to date men again. When his gay relationships did not work out, it motivated Schwab to call all the way to California to find someone still practicing the widely-denounced therapy.

    As shocking as Schwab's lies and vitriol about the victims of his reparative therapist were, he has never apologized or corrected his public statements. When I pointed this out to him, he promised to post something the next day explaining he now realized the therapist was guilty and he was wrong to attack the victims. A week has gone by and no such statement has been issued.

    Similarly, I can find no evidence of an apology from the reparative therapist. I find it disturbing that when the registered sex offender finishes his probation this year, Schwab's plank will be there as a living call to allow this man back into "service" as a reparative therapist. In no state has reparative therapy been banned for adults, so this is all about the children.
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    Jul 18, 2014 4:49 PM GMT
    BilericoThen in his video made in 2012 for the Journey Into Manhood weekends run by his pal Rich Wyler, Schwab claimed he was 100% gay until he went to the weekend in the woods to hug a bunch of gay guys and talk guy stuff. He claimed that one weekend "reduced my same-sex attractions permanently by 50%" and that "Now I am at only about 10% of the same-sex attractions I started with. I would say I only have the feelings as more of a memory now, not really a desire anymore." Schwab claimed he was dating a woman and ready to marry.

    Last week on the phone Schwab told me he is not ready for a girlfriend yet - let alone a wife. He also told me he has never experienced any lust for women. "I don't want to, that would be bad too; lust is a sin." I asked him if he's ever had sex with a woman. He indicated he'd done some things, but declined to claim he had ever had intercourse with a woman.
    He admitted he was a sexual compulsive who would have to hook up for sex two and three times a day. I pointed out heterosexuals can have the same problem, that he seems to be conflating homosexuality with sexual compulsivity when in fact they are two different issues. He grunted a begrudging acknowledgement that this is true.
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    Jul 18, 2014 4:57 PM GMT
    J-Schwab, today, finally retracts his earlier commentary on his pedo-therapist, and essentially responds in the comments section: "Hey! Don't look over here! This is about California and New Joisey!" icon_rolleyes.gif

    Jeremy Schwab (Facebook reply to Bilerico article above)I have not heard from Chris Austin since 2007 and have not thought much about this case since then. It looks like the old blog post from “TWO” is no longer accepting comments. If anyone has any doubt though, I’d like to re-emphasize that I do NOT condone the behavior that Chris Austin was accused of.

    In my experience visiting his groups, etc. I never saw evidence to suggest that he was guilty. I do want to apologize though for any comments I may have made in 2007 that could be interpreted as insensitive to anyone who has ever been a victim of a sexual assault or an inappropriate sexual advance by a therapist, physician, minister, teacher, or anyone else in authority. Such behavior is never acceptable.

    I do not see how this case is in any way relevant to the discussion of the right to self-determination for clients of all ages or the rights of free speech and conscience for therapists who help them. Chris Austin is ONE person. The behavior he was accused of has nothing to do with Reparative Therapy. IF he is guilty, that is a tragedy for everyone involved, but there is nothing about this that is relevant to the platform. The deplorable laws that have been passed in California and New Jersey would limit the rights of victims of sexual abuse to get real help.

    Does J-Schwab know what a plea deal means? Serious question.
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    Jul 18, 2014 5:19 PM GMT
    #NeverForget icon_lol.gif

    dayumm saidYeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwww! icon_razz.gif

    Oh, dem Familee Valyues!

    Joe.My.God.Here's A 2006 Ad For A Dallas Titty Bar Starring The Christian Who Wrote The Texas GOP "Ex-Gay" Plank

    Lone Star Q identified the author of the Texas GOP "ex-gay" plank as Jeremy Joel, but his IMDB profile lists him as Jeremy Schwab. Via a JMG reader, watch Joel/Schwab star in the below 2006 ad for the Dallas titty bar The Lodge, where you can play poker while topless women hang upside down from stripper poles - among other things.


    Oh, I bet you'd like to Hold 'Em, wouldn't ya, Texas? icon_twisted.gif And WHAT day of the week is that up there? For shame! For shame! Keep your lil' Poker to yourself, Jeremy Joel!

    Now, one might argue that could "tear at the fabric of society"... were there any fabric involved! icon_lol.gif

    But wait... there's more!

    Joe.My.God.Lone Star Q reports that the "ex-gay" plank inserted in into the Texas GOP party platform last week was proposed by a local man (Jeremy Joel) who renounced his homosexuality with the help of NARTH.

    Joel claims that NARTH founder Joseph Nicolosi referred him to the infamous Journey Into Manhood retreat, where he reduced his attraction to men by 50% in just one weekend. Uh huh.

    After three weekends, you're 150% straight, you see... so then you can play poker around swinging ta-tas all day! icon_lol.gif

    These are the kind of guys that get to lobby for GOPher social policy.