how can I do it ,,,

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    Jul 18, 2014 9:07 PM GMT
    sorry for the title that gives nothing away icon_razz.gif

    before everything let me tell u about myself
    I knew I was different as long as I remember before even knowing what is gay , I have been attracted to men when I was a teenager but couldn't understand it , not long after I watched a movie called "The Object of My Affection" that was the first time I heard the word gay , I started looking into it but my English was very weak to understand it fully , I had my share of confusion and everything but as the years went by I discovered myself fully ...

    in my country homosexuality is illegal and socially forbidden with jail and honor killing and alot of other shit , I'm not very active sexually even though I'm considered Hot here ( having white skin and blue eyes is a deal maker in north Africa icon_biggrin.gif ) but most if not all the men I've been with some top some bottom they all believe that this is a phase and they will get married , and most of them they do even though they never give up sex with men

    for me I don't remember once in my life feeling ashamed of who I am or trying to change , true I had my share of depression that led to suicidal thoughts quite often , after all I was raised a very conservative Muslim , but I learned how to be proud of myself very early

    on the other day I was chatting with the only straight person in my life who knows about my secret my best friend and he told me something : u should help others to reach the point u r in .

    but how can I do that , for long my motto always have been stay law in the shadow until one day u'll break free and move out of this country , but my friend's words gave me a purpose

    how can I help homosexuals who are : homophobic to themselves , living in a homophobic country that is ruled strictly by a homophobic religion , and a homophobic culture , not to mention illegal complexes ??!!

    if u don't know much about LGBT rights in Libya check this out
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    Jul 18, 2014 9:20 PM GMT
    There are several ways.
    Back home, we used to gather under women rights non-for-profit organizations, funded by UNESCO, UN, Red cross, Fond Soros (foundation? or smth like that), etc.
    Some of these places do not advertize what they do for security reasons, but they can connect you with the groups that you can volunteer with. Especially if you open up to them.
    I find that women rights groups are well connected with local LGBT. So reach out and good luck!!!
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    Jul 18, 2014 10:36 PM GMT
    that is a nice idea ... thanx I will look into it