Hi there, I recently started jogging on my own. So far i've gone for 2 weeks jogging 4km on a Tuesday and a Friday. It was hard at first but I'm going to continue because I feel the benefit.

I run without stretching beforehand. When I get back home, I do 3 sets of 20 push-ups, sit ups, burpees then I stretch after that and down a glass of lemon water (yeah!!).

My goal is to reduce the fat that has accumulated over the last year and a half. I also would like to raise my general fitness.
Most people would say I'm thin, but now I no longer see my six pack, I have love handles for the first time and my wonderful genes have blessed me with bug thighs that catch onto any fat they can........first world problems....

I tend to eat a lot, it wasn't a problem up until a year and a half ago since I was more sporty back then. I'd like to know how you would recommend I should go about managing my diet so that my jogging and post-jog exercise will get me the desired results