It's been hinted that Bioware's been working on a new Mass Effect game that's not a direct continuation of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Though I miss my Shep I'm still super excited.

They released some more tidbits about it at Comic-Con in San Diego and they project it'll be released Oct 2015.

Here's some info Eurogamer complied on the subject:

The video is kind of long but it basically states this:
-new mass effect game in development
-new characters(races), new worlds, new region of space
-same gameplay, same sex romance options (I miss Kaidan)

Shorter video with developers talking about new stuff they are trying:

There hasn't been that much coverage or acknowledgement from Bioware cause they want the focus to be on Dragon Age: Inquisition (which I'm psyched for) that's coming out this fall. But they might release some more info on N7 day 2014. I'll try to update this post as they release stuff.

Question: Are you excited for the next Mass Effect game? icon_biggrin.gif