Ted Talks: College student takes on ‘gay BFF’ stereotype in amazing speech

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    Aug 01, 2014 2:51 PM GMT
    College student takes on ‘gay BFF’ stereotype in amazing speech

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    Aug 01, 2014 4:32 PM GMT
    Tokens are fun if people don't feel threatened by them. The very "gay" acting gay guy--harmless and ineffectual, the very "white" acting black guy--again, harmless and ineffectual.

    If total acceptance requires that it be a stepping stone, so be it.

    I really don't give a shit. Well, I do, but Rome wasn't built in a day or so I have heard.

    "Making someone the token black person and placing him above other black people assumes that all of us—except for the token, of course—are the same. We live in a society still very much conscious of race—even if people don’t like to admit it openly. Making one black person your trustworthy token while you still view black people as a monolith will not fix the ongoing problem of race in America."

    Just replace black and race with gay and homosexuality.