So Last Friday I met this nice south African guy in the bar.
I was a very shy but unable to resist his warm smile I decided to strike up conversation with him.

He was a intelligent young man from Cape town visiting this side of the world for the first time for work. we talked all the way through the night like we knew each other for ages.

he was really upbeat and very endearing and I found myself entranced not just by his enchanting gorgeousness but by his straightforwardness, his openness and little quirks.

He mentioned his friends left him by herself so he going to take a cab alone and looked at me like he wanted me to offer him a ride. which I did.

Meeting an awesome and interesting guy like that spending the night talking to him for hours liking him and ending up sleeping with him ( we cuddled and kissed, but no sex he said that by denying it to me he wants to make me want it more )He also gave me his phone number. I didn't ask.

But I kinda feel weary now because since last Friday I had texted him twice but no reply. do you think I should call him? but I don't like to push myself on other people.

do you think I will ever hear back from him again after that?

I let myself out his bedroom in the morning kissed him and waved with a a real smile. a smile of love and passion.

But now that I was sober I felt even more in love with this man.

I can not forget how happy he looked that I got the hint.
And now my heart could practically drop at the feeling that I might never see him again. I have been down this road before and it's so fucking painful. At least for me.

anyway I'm gonna call him tomorrow. I hope he picks the phone.