Dog Barks at Man...

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    Aug 08, 2014 5:15 PM GMT
    ...because, Jeebus. #religiousfreedumb

    BilericoA gay man in Michigan got a nasty surprise Tuesday night after dining with friends at a suburban restaurant, when a man followed them into the parking lot and screamed that he was a "fucking faggot" who "should be put to death" according to "God's law."

    The ugly incident took place at Fire Mountain restaurant in Lansing Charter Township. Isiah Tweedie, the target of the tirade, captured part of it on his phone and posted the video on Facebook.

    "Say it again?" Tweedie asks in the video. "I said 'fucking faggot,'" the man responds. "You want a picture? Take a picture, take a f*cking picture," he continues as he swaggers toward Tweedie.

    After Tweedie tells the man that he's taking video and will upload it to social media, the man feels compelled to inform him that he doesn't care, because he's an American, and that Tweedie can't possibly be an American because he's a "fucking faggot." (No, seriously.) He continues, practically spitting now:

    "According to God's law -- Leviticus, Leviticus -- you should be put to death... by stoning."

    Then Tweedie tells the boorish bully that he'll pray for him. He did not like that.

    "Take a f*cking picture!" Yeah, thanks, pal, I think we already get the picture. icon_lol.gif

  • mybud

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    Aug 08, 2014 8:10 PM GMT
    This is the reason why gays need to lift..To beat their homophobe asses...