Faced with dire demographic outcomes, churches will address all men (incl'g bisexuals and homosexuals) to love a woman and breed or adopt.

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    Aug 09, 2014 2:09 PM GMT
    Breeding is a way of voting on the future demographics of your community, city, state, or country.
    If you don't vote, you're not part of the political process and have nothing to say and no right to complain.

    Matilda writes:

    I’m all for charities but if the underlying problems causing the need for charity are not addressed then what? The problem just festers.

    I just got chewed out on face book for asking this but I think it is a valid question. The world’s population needs to be curbed, the world needs education, and the world needs to be freed from religious dogma.

    I am sick of churches telling people to breed, breed, breed, and not to worry because, “God will provide.”

    God does not provide as evidenced by the human misery we see around us.

    It’s time to replace God with common sense. It’s time to replace ignorance with education.

    Dr. Bart D. Ehrman responds:

    I agree with everything you said.

    I still think that we need to help the needy, even if we need, even more, to deal with the root problems. Some charities do just that, rather than putting bandaids on the problem (including the one I support the most, the Urban Ministries of Durham, which works not simply to house the homeless and feed the hungry, but to END homelessness and to get the unemployed JOBS!

    On one point I’m ignorant though: *are* there churches that urge their members to breed and breed?

    Are you thinking of the Catholic church, or something else?

    No. It's not just the Catholics. I had a friendly twenty-something co-worker (North TX) who told me that his pastor prefaced his sermon (on Job?) with about a 10-minute sermon on the need for his young congregation to marry and procreate. Maybe it is part of church building not to attract single, twenty-somethings and they just holy-wall-flower instead of getting in committed heterosexual love relationships, making love, and breeding. When you're growing a church you need big-money weddings, christenings, church members having children so you can have nurseries, Vacation Bible School. It's just another way to grow membership--evangelize or breed, preferably both.

    Anyway, I was a little surprised that the pastor blatantly made it a pulpit item. I almost visited that church. I'm glad I didn't. It is astrologically and spiritually irresponsible to hell-and-brimstone people into marriage and breeding or marriage and adopting.

    1) we must solemnly look at our natal chart and our Astro-Carto-Graphy map to see if that is in line with the limited Set of Possibilities (moreso than Will) of God-as-Solar-System Matrix;
    2) we must solemnly look at the composite chart (the two that become one, yet a third entity) of the two people for the composite chart may or may not have parenting as the gift of this Set of Possibilities Graced by God-as-Solar-System matrix limited by the astrological infrastructure of Lifehood (a term used in the book Infinite Mind: the Vibrations of Consciousness)
    3) When our choices are not with the wind of God-as-Solar System Matrix, there is suffering; when our choices are not along the road/path/infrastructure of our own astrological design, there is suffering and possibly coping through addiction.

    Long story short: Bully pulpits to make congregations fulfill their partnering on church turf rather than online dating or some other way not be Spirit led (Spirit of astrological acumen--one way God still walks and speaks with us).

    No, Dr. Ehrman, it's not just the Catholics.

    We also have to ask the question are we comfortable with the breeding data as it relates to changing demographics.
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    Aug 09, 2014 2:23 PM GMT
    Furthermore, with the reduction of extended families for safety net, elder care, and burials/cremations, all must be advised to breed rather than depend on the offspring of others or government (via social workers and programs).

    Yes, friends may step in but corporate america raised the work week from 35 hrs/week to 40 and some are working more than that. The transient nature of jobs and loss of benefits hurts friendship building to that level.