The kids, aged between seven and 10 or so, are sat around in a semi-circle, as if ready to hear a bedtime story.

In front of them, a screen reads: "How many ways are there to break into a website?"

"You could steal someone's phone and get their password!" offers one young boy. "Very good," says the man leading the proceedings, with the skill of a well-honed children's entertainer.

"You could give someone candy and ask them to tell you their password," suggests another.
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Avoid any nearby cash points. And if you absolutely have to make a phone call, assume that people are listening in”

"Torture them!" shouts the most excitable boy, presumably not fully aware of what he means.

This room, set up to inspire kids into a career as a hacker, is a fringe event of Def Con, one of the biggest - and certainly the most notorious - hacking conferences in the world.