Diamond Dallas Page, a former W.W.E. wrestler, leading a yoga session in his home outside Atlanta.

NYT: Jake (the Snake) Roberts, a lithesome 6-foot-5, former wrestler, suffered from debilitating pain. “I couldn’t squat down, I couldn’t get down on my hands and knees,” he told me. “I weighed 308 pounds."

Two years ago, Roberts received an unlikely phone call from Diamond Dallas Page, one of his best friends from the wrestling circuit. Page had become an oddity even among wrestlers. He successfully used his own form of yoga, which he combined with more traditional strength-building exercises and calisthenics, to repair his injured spine and return to the sport an unlikely champion at 43. Page, who once wrestled in a purple vest and sported a long greasy mullet, now wore his hair closely shorn and traveled the country promoting what he called D.D.P. Yoga.