Odd Sexual Encounters

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    Aug 16, 2014 7:03 PM GMT
    OK, a few of us have been around the block for more than couple of times. We have done the usual stuff. It was fun and all.

    Tell us about the less usual, the odd, the rare, the special.

    I'll start...

    I used to cruise the Tech School campus off and on, few years ago. For a while, this was the hottest spot in town for the guys I wanted to hook up with. Preppies, very easy on the eyes, basically, your next-door guys with a bit of an A&F touch about them. It had worked well for couple of years before the School hired a private security comp. to improve on their doubtful reputation.

    An additional benefit to cruising there was the timing. Early to late afternoons worked best. I went in and the place looked pretty empty. Like most of such cruising spots, it was a hit-and-miss venue. Within some ten minutes, a very hot dude showed up. Early 20’s, almost half my age, tall, nicely defined, olive skin complexion, smooth and very masculine in appearance. No one else in sight, I decided to return the gaze and follow the guy who looked like interested in hooking up with me. Little smile, eye contact. He took the lead and I followed him from a safe distance. He went beeline to a handicapped toilette and left the door open for couple of inches. I walked in.

    Neither of us was into wasting any time. I locked the door and we stared making out. He kept his eyes open, sought eye-contact and was into kissing big time. No conversation, not a single word was exchanged. He went down on his knees and started a first class blow job. I thought, I got lucky on that day. He was taking his time and it looked like this was what he wanted. The guy was a talented head and we both were obviously enjoying it. I soon started a slow face fuck and as I was slowly picking up my speed, he stood up, smiled showing an amazing set of perfect teeth and said,

    “Man, can you fuck me, please. I haven’t had it in a while and I really need it.”

    For some reason, I tend to reserve that kind of play for a private setup, preferably my own bedroom. But, I was not going to turn this guy down. I had never seen him before and I was pretty familiar with the local, openly gay cruising. It looked like, he was one of those closeted types, probably bisexual who was not ready to be seen in wider public. I am clueless to the day, as to why I felt that way, but I guess, my instinct kicked in that way.

    “Yeah, it would be my pleasure.” Was all I could muster at that moment.

    He bent over presenting me with a most beautiful bubble butt, smooth with large ‘dimples’. For the record, whoever was in charge of his endowment must have been Mr. Generous himself. An amazing, perfect specimen all around.

    He bottomed like a pro. He knew all the tricks of the trade, quiet but passionate moans, back door muscle action, everything there was to it. He kept on turning his head back to re-establish eye-contact. Something I truly liked. Again, we took it slow and easy and the session was turning into an episode of pure sexual bliss.

    I grabbed his dick as I was to shoot my load and he shoot an amazing load in sync with mine. Quite a little achievement for the first time, anonymous encounter in an unsafe environment.

    He turned around for some more frenching while we were pulling up our clothes, trying to look respectable for the world out there. There was no haste in his actions and I felt I shouldn’t rush it either. A few hugs, kisses, couple of smiles and we were about to leave. I had been thinking about giving him my cruising card with my cell phone number but decided against it. I had no doubt that he was not new to the whole thing but my gut feeling was coming loud and clear. This dude was all about ‘discretion’. He was not into the gay thing.

    To my surprise, he did not head for the door but leaned against the opposite wall, shoot another Rembrandt tooth-paste smile and said in a slightly assertive mood,

    “Can I have a word with you, please?”

    “Sure, dude, shoot. I am all ears!” For a second, I saw an opening. I was wrong.

    “How can you be doing this? I have a girlfriend. Actually, we are engaged and we are going to get married as soon as I graduate and get a job. I want to have children, a family. How can you fuck me? I am a man.”

    No kiddin’. The dude was having some serious issues. He led the way. He kneeled before my dick. He sucked me. He asked me to fuck him in as many words. And yet, I was supposed to be explaining ‘my’ actions to him? Yeah, right. How could I possibly do all that?

    ‘Oupps, dude. Sorry, I did not know any of that. If I had, I would have never done all that.’, I said, plainly, neither trying to sound convincing nor trying to appease him in any manner.

    Even to this day, I still cannot quite figure out where this came from. I am not into lying and frankly, though I found the guy to be very attractive in every sense, I could not have cared less about his private plans, his girlfriend and his future that obviously did not include me or our shared sexual experience in any way.

    I simply walked away without much ado. Debate with this guy was obviously not topping my priorities that afternoon. I felt like enjoying my afterglow, like having a drink and smoking a fag. I was happy as anyone could ever be. And I certainly had no intention of getting myself involved into his own, private nightmares. He did not look like someone who needed help. And certainly, he did not look like someone who might even consider getting it from someone who just fucked him, though he was going to get married and have children afterwards.

    I learned to shrug with my shoulders and say that non-committal, dreaded ‘whatever’ there and then.


    Few months later, I went to a major gay disco party in town. OK, Gay Gossip Central, if you wish, but not entirely to be discarded. Here, I bumped straight into my campus preppy dude. He was all smiles, a drink in his hand, but alone. I shot a passing smile, hoping to signal, ‘yeah, I know you, but I am keeping this to myself.’

    He wasted absolutely no time and came over to me the moment I managed to grab my drink from the bar.

    “Let’s get going, before this place gets too crowded.”, he said with an honest, if somewhat urgent expression on his face.

    “Cool with me.”

    We took one of the private cabins in the cruising area and stayed there for the better part of that night. He was absolutely insatiable. He sucked like this was going to be his very last time. I fucked his ass in every imaginable position. (Thanks God for the athletic dudes!) At some point of time, I needed to piss badly. I said so, and he simply squatted and opened his mouth. I am not much into this kind of action, but I simply could not say ‘No’ to this dude. Call it a spell or anything, for all I care.

    We were ready to leave and he pulled at my sleeve, saying,

    “Dude, I am getting married next month.” There was a slight smile on his face mixed with an underlying sadness.

    I gave him a gentle grope and said, “Dude, your wife will be one happy woman, judging by what you have between your legs.” He beamed with happiness for a very brief moment.

    “Yeah, I am sure, she will. For as long as she does not know that I get fucked, too.”

    Frankly, I had no answer to that. I shrugged with my shoulders, uttered an entirely silent ‘whatever’, gave him a parting hug and a parting kiss.

    “I will never do this again.” He said.

    I smiled back and left.


    A few weeks later, I came across an article in the social column, saying the son of Mr. Whatever or Something got married to Miss. Prombeauty, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Society Pillars, etc., etc. Yup, that was my campus dude. He got himself in.

    I have never seen him again. I do not think that I miss him. But I would love to hear his side of the story and possibly learn about its conclusion, if there is any?

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    Aug 17, 2014 3:35 AM GMT
    ^^ That's some really hot experience you got there.

    Now that he's married, I hope he got control over his urges and stay faithful to his wife and kids, otherwise, it's many lives he'll ruin.
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    Aug 27, 2014 12:50 AM GMT
    You're quite a writer.

    Don't believe a bit of it.

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    Aug 27, 2014 1:31 AM GMT
    JustaGuy1 saidYou're quite a writer.

    Don't believe a bit of it.



    But me , since I'm Bi I do like girls also... and only odd thing was a girl I knew, she loved to suck a guy and swallow cum, but only when she was lieing on the bed head over the edge be face fucked.
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    Aug 27, 2014 5:47 AM GMT
    LOL. Maybe I knew the prom king and queen a few years down the road. I've somehow got hooked up with a couple of different married couples. Both times, the dude set it up, but when it came down to it, he just wanted to sit and drink and jack-off and watch me fuck his wife.

    I had to eventually "break up" with one couple because they would keep showing up at my door, drunk, in the middle of the day when I was trying to work. (Yeah, it sucks, I work from home, sometimes seven days a week.) The guy would take his wife home, then come back an hour or so later (as if she didn't know) and suck me off for the rest of the night.

    They still leave weird "text-to-land-line" messages on my home phone a couple of times a year. (The phone-lady computer voice tells you how much it wants your cock icon_rolleyes.gif )
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    Aug 27, 2014 9:26 AM GMT
    It never got as far as sex, but when i was 17 my cousin went to 'innocently' tuck the string of my swim trunks into the waistband and his fingers grazed my dick. When i smiled at him he went all in and grabbed my junk and kissed me. I reached into his trunks and kissed back.

    Then my aunt called out that lunch was ready and he freaked out and stopped. Never spoke of it again until just last month, now 17 years later.

    He wanted to know what would happen if he did that move today... Had to tell him I'd politely refuse...

    Too bad he's not the svelte athlete today that he was back then... Ive got no interest in trying again.