Today's Seattle Times has a troubling article about Lakeside School, an private school in the area, where sports seems to have lurched off toward the same ego-driven, big-money direction that much college and pro sports have taken.


Without going into a discussion of the education one gets at Lakeside, or its large scholarship program or academic rigor (yes, I'm a grad!) - it seems to me that what is really at issue is why do we do sports? - especially at the high-school level.

For me, it was joy, feeling like I was developing, the challenge of getting better, and the sheer fun of my sport (cross-country skiing, probably about the poorest-funded sport out there).

My contention is that at the high-school level, sport should be promoted for fitness, for team and self-esteem building, and to provide kids with something that they can participate in for the rest of their lives. (I coached high-school skiing with almost no budget, and am continually pleased by the number of kids who are still friends, and still skiing now, even in their 50's).