Early Voting - We Just Returned Home

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    Aug 24, 2014 6:41 PM GMT
    My husband and I just did early voting this Sunday afternoon for our Florida Primary. Real quick and easy, at our Wilton Manors City Hall. The General election in November will be held elsewhere for our voting district, actually walking distance right around the corner from us at our city library.

    Hope you guys all vote when you can, in primaries and the general (and whatever the system is in your own country). We made sure to vote for a couple of candidates we'd met at gay networking functions. Both straight, one a woman, but they impressed us with their general support of gay issues, and coming to our luncheons and mixers.

    They're running for County Judgeships, without party affiliation, so in their previous presentations to us and in private comments they couldn't address specific issues they might have to decide on the bench. But their generally gay-supportive attitudes were clear.

    One of the advantages of all the gay networking we do is that we get to meet these candidates in person. They're not just names on a ballot, and so much print in a newspaper article or on some campaign mailer we receive.

    We get to make eye contact with people for whom we may (or may not) be voting. I like being able to have that direct connection when I can, makes voting less impersonal, obviously, and less "theoretical".
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    Aug 24, 2014 8:06 PM GMT
    Sorta related to the voting process, I saw this today in our Sunday comics, and scanned it: