i have an iPhone5 that really needs a battery. The nice peeps at Apple have a plan to replace it for free. This will for sure extend my iPhone functionality till the next firmware release makes it obsolete.

for iPhone5's make between 090112->010113 you will need to ck for sure with your serial# found in Settings->General->About. See the serial# about half way down this screen and use this web site to verify you qualify:

setup a time with the Genius Bar using this linky: http://concierge.apple.com/reservation/us/en/techsupport/.
If you put a comment into your appointment setup like; "iPhone5 battery replacement" they might call you before your appointment and run a test on your iPhone. The test requires you be on wifi. They can also run the test in the store. Saves you the time if your phone battery is still functional not needing replacement.

Likely the battery will not be in stock in the store and they will call you back in 2days for your free battery. They also gave me a free 2meter Lighting Cable.icon_biggrin.gif