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    Sep 06, 2014 6:37 PM GMT
    THE RUBBERBANDITS icon_biggrin.gif

    THE RUBBERBANDITSThe song 'Fellas' champions everybody's right to explore their sexuality with the words, "If you want to f*** a fella, f*** a fella" mouthed by a puppet version of Hollywood actor Gabriel Byrne.

    The song continues with its anti-homophobia message with the line, "Cause the world is full of fellas, who will try to put you down, All you have to do is hold your head up high and stand your ground."

    Comedian Russell brand retweeted the song to his eight million followers with the message, "Always listen to @rubberbandits one day their prophecies may free us all" whilst Frankie Boyle called the song "immense".

    Panti Bliss tweeted, "Ha! Amazing. @Rubberbandits new song/video about fellas "f***ing fellas" as sung by puppet Gabriel Byrne. Seriously."

    Speaking to The Irish Sun, Rubberbandit Blind Boy Boat Club said, "If Gabriel Byrne wants to be offended by our video, that's his right, but we presume Gabriel is a pretty cool guy, and in favour of everybody being allowed to explore their sexuality."

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    Sep 09, 2014 5:23 AM GMT
    The Idiocalypse is upon us.
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    ^^ Shut your whore mouth! the Rubberbandits are hilarious!
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    I always thought it was this
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    I should change this to a rubberbandits appreciation thread