Most of you aren't even aware that a U.S. Marine has been rotting in a Mexico jail for most of this year. His offense: He inadvertently drove across the U.S. - Mexican border at Tijuana.

The Obama administration hasn't lifted a finger to help him.

Now that you're up to speed, this should make sense:

School board member: Feds should worry about Marine detained in Mexico, not school bake sales

JACKSONVILLE – The ground is crumbling under Michelle Obama’s signature initiative worse than a low-fat cookie.

Numerous school districts across the country are moving swiftly to stop receiving reimbursements from the National School Lunch Program and in return, are giving themselves more freedom to decide lunch menus and bake sales at the local level.

The Duval County, Florida board is the latest to authorize its superintendent to authorize bake sales and sidestep the newly imposed rules championed by Michelle Obama.

“You see the federal government, in its great and never ending wisdom, decided that it was priority to tell Duval County parents what they could or couldn’t have at bake sales,” board member Jason Fischer said at the meeting.

“There are many other issues that our country needs to address, but somehow this was a priority. As an example, we spent more time discussing this bake-sale exemption than the federal government has spent trying to bring home a highly-decorated Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is languishing in a Mexican prison for no fault of his own.”