stronglift eating & off days

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    Sep 07, 2014 9:27 PM GMT
    ok so for anyone who's familiar with Stronglift, I want to ask if it's okay if I do sprinting intervals on off days or even swimming. Or if i should really let my body rest and don't do too much physical activity.

    second, Im kind of on a break from weight training now since my swimming class is starting tmrw (lol). and i want to ask that, as a skinny guy, should i still eat more if i do physical activities (and the next day), or if i should dont eat as much so that i wont have too much calories?

    most of the time i read that it's something like eating a lot and weight train for skinny guys. but what if i don't weight train? For the next 4 weeks i'll have swimming class mon/wed and a yoga class on friday. should is till eat more during the week?
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    Sep 08, 2014 1:12 AM GMT
    silver_phoenix saidYou aren't doing stronglifts now so don't eat like you are.

    Some conditioning work is good for stronglifts, you could even swim after a session and leave the rest days alone. As you progress the heavy lifting gets demanding and you will have decide what your priorities are.

    Looking at your genetics I would say you should focus 100% on stronglifts for at least 6 months - 1 year just to get a respectable basic strength foundation, then decide what you want to focus on next ie swimming or other sports.

    lol i did SL for more than a year but this time i just happen to have time available to take a siwmming class lol