Can't cum during intercourse

  • vhotti26

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    Sep 08, 2014 6:12 PM GMT
    So I have been sexually active for years now and gathered my fair share of experience with a lot of different guys.

    And I can't cum during intercourse for the love of god. I can go for hours without an orgasm during sex. Sure, that's probably some peoples dream, but I'd just like to get off without putting my hand to use. And it's not as if I pull out and then need a couple strokes to get going, but it's practically an entire masturbation session I have to perform.

    Are there any others who have this kind of problem, and if yes what did you do?

    I am pretty normal lengthwise; but very girthy at 6" circumference and cut; both of which is said to reduce penile sensitivity. But I refuse to believe that this is all there is to it.
    I only do it with a condom, and living in Europe I have the freedom of going up to 69mm condom width. I routinely had trouble with rolling down standard size condoms and felt they were very tight, so I had my hopes high when trying the wide ones, but while the discomfort was removed by going bigger, the positive impact on sensitivity was minimal really. I also tried putting a little lube in the condom so I get a little friction at the head - to no avail.

    I have tried it after abstaining for up to 2 weeks (no sex, no wanking, nothing) and still no effect.

    I am really kind of despairing at this.

    Just for the reference, I have no trouble getting off pretty quickly by wanking, and a blow job is also doing it for me. Barebacking is not an option.
    I'm 25 and not on any medication or drugs, don't drink and don't smoke; am fit and in perfect health by any way a doctor could tell.
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    Sep 08, 2014 6:15 PM GMT
    You're clogged then.
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    Sep 08, 2014 6:42 PM GMT
    You probably watch too much porn or masturbate too much.
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    Sep 08, 2014 7:14 PM GMT
    Yer Jackin' to Porn with a vise grip.

    Nothing compares to that.
  • Destinharbor

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    Sep 08, 2014 7:40 PM GMT
    I knew a guy like that. Nothing you could do would get him off except his own hand (well, occasionally my hand but not often). He was one of those guys who jacks a couple of times a day and it was my belief that he had been at this for so many years that his brain just came to want that specific, unchanging, total brain-to-dick feedback. Didn't bother me much and after a while he learned to relax and just enjoy. But the situation never did change. We found plenty of things to do that were good for both of us.
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    Sep 08, 2014 8:08 PM GMT
    Retarded ejaculation
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    Sep 11, 2014 6:08 PM GMT
    not uncommon at all. My last lover couldn't do it and I suspected it was because he was masturbating too much (yes, there is such a thing as you do run the risk of desensitizing your nerve endings). I made him go an entire week without masturbating and when we did the deed he as able to cum quite readily. Resist the urge to masturbate for a while (more than 2 weeks).
  • vhotti26

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    Sep 11, 2014 8:21 PM GMT
    Thanks for the input guys, I set myself on the 90 days nofap quest and will also try to avoid sex during that time. Blocked all the porn pages in my browser as well.
    Third day so far, might update how it goes after a couple weeks. Guess the 14 days i did before were just not enough, then.

    I never perceived myself as masturbating overly often, it's not like I did it multiple times per day or anything. It was like daily with a day of not doing it every now and then. But perhaps that was already too much for me being cut and having pretty sensitive skin.

    I also never used lube for it, always wondered why cut guys do that, as I had found a grip that worked pain free.

    Anyway, exciting challenge as I'd like to try and continue after the 90 days (just mix in the real sex again after that mark).
  • Apparition

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    Sep 12, 2014 5:51 AM GMT
    Try a femidom