Who's been there?

Minnesota?, Isn't this the place terrorists are breeding? With the new war on Isis, but not specific threats, I would stay away from this mall, its big, in the heartland and has America in its name, especially this year, black Friday shopping till Christmas, its going to be a rather violent shopping season, I predict. (#6 of #7 Pluto-Uranus squares)

Nostalgic artifacts or memorials
United Airlines Flight 93 memorial, for those who died aboard during the September 11, 2001 attacks—the bust of Tom Burnett (who was born and raised in Bloomington) is on the west side of the first floor, next to the fountain in front of Nordstrom.[32]

Thomas Burnett, Jr. was the vice-president and chief operating officer of Thoratec Corporation, a medical devices company based in Pleasanton, California

Dick Cheney's heart implant made by Thoratec

Im just sayin'