Falling For The Man In My Dream

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    Sep 16, 2014 8:11 PM GMT
    This is a true story that happen to me. It all started when I was still in the US Army, had 2 weeks before my ETS (stands for "Expiration of Term of Service" for you non military) is up which was April 05 1998.

    In my dream, I dreamt this guy he had a bald head, light brown eyes and caucasian for about a week thats all I dreamt about is him staring at me. At first I didn't think to much into it for I knew it was just a dream. two nights went and he was there again staring at me, I turn to see who he was staring at but there was no one behind me and I turn to face him and again his eyes was fixated at me.

    That morning I woke up saying to myself "what the fuck do you want from me? Why are you in my dream? And why are you staring at me for?" Three more nights went by and still he was in my dream and on the weekend that's when he stopped showing up.

    Two years gone by and on May, 2000 I can't recall the day cause it wasn't important to me that is just a typical work week. I was in the com-center (communication center) behind the desk working as a security guard and to my surprise he walk inside the building. At first it didn't hit me that it was him. He came in and asked for his badge.

    Him - "hi I'm here to pick up my badge"

    Me - "your name"

    Him - "Tom M...."

    I pulled a wooden box from the other side of the desk and proceed to retrieve his badge. I handed him his badge and had him sign in.

    Me - "what station are you assign to?"

    Him - "Headquarters"

    Me - "I'm Andy" as I extend my hand out to shake his hand

    Him - "Tom" he finished signing in and took his badge with him as he walked out the door.

    Me- "see ya"

    Him - "yup"

    when he left I was thinking to myself "I've seen him somewhere before, where have I seen him?...and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Its him, he's the one in my dream, I started to panic my hands were shaking OMG its him, its really him"

    And from there on I had to know more about him and we began talking, hanging out, going to the bars, clubs. The sad thing is he had a girlfriend her name is Jaime, they had just moved from northern part of California, Sacramento to be exact. And then things got complicated with him and his girlfriend, you see his girlfriend cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend and you know how that ended. I helped him move out where he rented a room in a house. We use to get drunk tease each other about past relationship with girls (on my side was a total lie). He would tell me stuff, sexual stuff he did with girls.

    It was getting late and I asked him if I could sleep with him on the bed tonight since he has a full size bed.

    Him - "No, are you gay?" he laughed, I laughed too.

    Me - "No" (oh you are such a liar!!!) thinking to myself

    Him - "here's a blanket, good night" and closed his door behind him

    I stayed up thinking about him, him laying on his bed. He did told me he sleeps in his boxers, just his boxers. Oh how I long to touch him and kiss him and him caressing me all over my body, so I grab a paper towel and jerked off that night all awhile I imagine me sucking him and then letting him fuck me bareback. Wanted his jizz inside me, him being apart of me.

    Till this day, I never told him about my dream and if I did, I don't think I can handle it I'll probably start to break down and cry, if I told him exactly how I feel about him. We still keep in touch through facebook. Oh how I wanted to tell him how much I cared and loved him but I'm to scared that I'll end up losing him and he'll never want to speak to me again and I don't want that to happen.

    Maybe one day when I go back to California I can face him and tell him the truth about how I feel about him. It'll be an emotional one for me telling him.

    That's My Dream

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    Sep 17, 2014 5:18 PM GMT
    What an incredible experience...I truly hope you are able to tell him your feelings...and regardless if he is gay or straight that he honors and appreciates your sincerity.
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    Sep 17, 2014 10:21 PM GMT
    that's a really sweet story. You should tell him. x