How Safe Do You Feel? How much security is too much?

  • metta

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    Oct 02, 2014 9:18 PM GMT
    A few months ago, we had a people come into the neighborhood at night and break into 10 cars at night. A few of the neighbors added security cameras. Within weeks of putting the cameras up, one of the neighbors caught someone stealing a package right after UPS arrived. They must have been following a UPS truck. They got the guy on camera but they are not able to get the license plates from that. They still need to check to see if they can get the plates from the cameras at the gates.

    So, I'm thinking about adding cameras as well. I already live behind private gates and the development that I live in is separated by a river from the rest of everything else. There are also cameras at the entrance/exit gates. And we have security that drives through on most nights. On top of that, I use my alarm system on my home. I do live alone.

    Part of me thinks it might be going too far to add cameras around my home, but then I also get more deliveries than most people, being that I work from home.

    I don't live in a high crime area. The police told us previously that there is barely any crime here....well this year seems different.
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    Oct 03, 2014 4:49 AM GMT
    Well, I figure the cameras are a decent investment. What the heck, Google, Phazebook, In Situ, the County Planning Commission all have cameras on me, I might as well have some of my own. They might make a bit of deterrent. And a sign at the gate. The cheap package at Costco has 8 cameras. Some of them have 16. You can Get a lot of angles with that. Faces. License plates. All you have to do is be a bit more obviously hard to hit than your neighbor.