The first face that is yet to be revealed.
It is most beautiful for the eyes to behold, sweet sounding for us to all hear, heartwarming for us to feel.
What you would most like to confidently stage or reveal to us.
Imagine a robust image or a colourful picture that you would masterfully paint.
Of a carefully crafted, concocted and contrived tall tale that you would want to tell us.
To place up for sale a dream for a better life, a desire, a need that is yet to be fulfilled
It has been an artfully delivered performance coming from you to establish a faith in the process.
The closing of the deal has transpired and the beginning of an established belief in the seeds of promise of a bright new opportunity.
There is something intangible that I cannot put my finger on though of a lingering question or doubt.
Something is amiss, a feeling that I cannot fully describe to you or explain.
A weak link is coming forth in your message to me.
The second face is beginning to show if I should look carefully at you.
It is there for me to see by happenstance.
The furtive glance from those eyes that delivers the communication, to reveal a truth and the believability in the bunny tales are suddenly less compelling.
Looking around me and taking it all in, the wheels are turning; revelation from the experience is awakening in me the truth.
An unrequited satisfaction from the answers that you have given me comes from that lost expressionless look of a sheep when I ask of you a question.
At other times I experience in contrast, that derision and the rolling of your eyes.
It is there for me to witness if I am truly willing to look at it, the third face.
Dismissively you are looking away from me that sunken, bowed head of yours with the sad gray eyes.
An inconvenient truth that is to become realized, disconcerted, disillusionment settles in as I begin to understand.
A lesson for those of us is learned that are willing to wake up, open up their eyes and see.
Something lost on many of the people is what is left over for all of us are that you cannot just place a value on, sell or buy.
For those of us who strive opportunity knocks if you learn to play your role, but not for all of us it would seem.