Whats your favourite prank?

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    Oct 07, 2014 7:06 AM GMT
    Since halloween is around the corner I was wondering if you guys have any good ones seeing how most of u folk are from america any way….

    I was pranked in high school really bad and it scarred me for life.

    This group of girls came up to our group and asked if we wanted to see a magic trick, all the boys told them to fuck off but I was up for it so they lead me to the centre of the quadrangle and one girl held her hand out and told me to close my eyes and bob underneath her hand till she told me stop so I did for like 5 minutes waiting for her to tell me to stop and when I finally opened me eyes they were all gone and I was there bobbing up and down with my eyes closed, true story.

    whats your favourite prank?

    at the moment I'm loving this prank and the guy is cute too.

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    Oct 07, 2014 7:54 AM GMT
    Haha yeah Fousey does some pretty daring pranks!!
    The last thing I watched on youtube was a compilation of ice bucket challenge fails. The amount of eskies hurled at people is hilarious.
    Some really good ones off youtube are the Brazilian pranks because they go hard out. They had some creepy elevator ones.


    Also yeah I know of the prank that happened to you.
    What my friends would do was ask someone to try parry under our arm with their eyes closed and if they could do it they had good dexterity. We would purposely position ourselves right in front of a wall so that when they did it, we would walk away and they would be swaying with their eyes closed facing the wall.

    I'm a mini prankster myself in that I just like to scare people at a small scale just enough to get the startled effect.
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    Oct 07, 2014 1:51 PM GMT
    Pmsl I would love to be in on that one ^^

    Yeh my family is notorious for scare pranks my mum is a hairdresser and she got one of the dummies from the salon and put one in my bed while I was in the shower and I saw it when I got into my room and it looked like a dead bald white woman was looking at me and I was so scared I couldn't even shout or scream I just went weak in the knees and tried to run LOL she got me so good after all the years I scared her, Ive never felt that feeling since except for when I'm having a nightmare hahaha
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    Oct 07, 2014 2:27 PM GMT
    Haha wow she got you real good!!
    Not to sound mean but I bet that would've been hilarious to see.
    The only really good scare I've done was when my brother in law was coming over, I crouched down and hid behind the door.
    When he walked through I grabbed his ankle and let out this really loud ghastly scream.
    He literally curled up into a standing foetal position and shook in fear screaming. Me and my sister could not stop laughing for like 20 minutes hahaha.
    On the floor, stomach pains and tears in our eyes. Best laugh ever and he was a good sport lol.