"LL Gay P"? Pornhub's Top Search Categories, Broken Down by Gender, Reveals "Surprise" among Women

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    Oct 08, 2014 9:15 PM GMT
    "What do we want?" "GAY PORN!"

    "When do we want it?" "NOT NOW, HONEY, I HAVE A HEADACHE!"


    GayStarNewsPornhub has released its data on the top searches, broken down by gender.

    (Pornhub graphic, via Queerty)

    GayStarNewsThe biggest shock is that second on the list for women (after lesbian) is gay men. That means that on average, more women are watching two dudes getting in on online than men are. Which strays entirely from our own, unofficial user experiment. But numbers don’t lie.

    The “gay male” category doesn’t appear on team guy until line seven, behind such poetic titles as “Teen,” “MILF,” and”Mature.”

    I think they're misreading the findings by suggesting "on average" when the relative quantity of users seem to be normalized. Maybe better to suggest "a higher proportion of female users than male users are seeking out gay porn on Pornhub?"

    It may be misleading that the lady viewers are checking out more gay-man than straight-guy sex. Assuming there's no overlap (perhaps to a fault), the categories below Gay (male) would probably outpace that one category. Not even counting "Big Tits" icon_lol.gif

    Playing on the There Are No Women On The Internet meme, it's also possible that a good number of the users identifying as female on Pornhub are actually male, either for Catfishing or other purposes (alternate aliases, etc.)

    GayStarNewsThe relatively new category of porn 'made for women' was in fourth place for female users, sexual scenes focusing on 'sensuality and narrative'.

    "Sensuality? Narrative? Ain't nobody got time for that!" icon_razz.gif
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    Oct 08, 2014 9:19 PM GMT
    Also interesting on the male side of the graphic: there are more men seeking out anal sex content (presumably, exclusively with women) than gay male sexual content of any kind.