God as Solar System Matrix Speaks to Us. Sometimes God Makes Us Ready for a Stable Relationship

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    Oct 09, 2014 1:55 AM GMT
    God as Solar System Matrix Speaks to Us
    I’m Glad I Turbo Charged My Christianity with Astrology and Studying the Historical Accuracy of the Bible.

    God Speaks to Me through a Transit: Today, I’m Experiencing God’s Message: Venus Trine Saturn

    Sobriety and stability

    You are satisfied with reliable, stable relationships at this time and do not make unrealistic demands on others. You recognize that your loved ones are human, and you ask only that they live up to their obligations and you will do the same in return.

    This is a good time to discuss any problems that may have arisen with a relationship, because your sense of reality is strong and you can be objective. Relationships that begin under this influence are characterized by sobriety and stability. They may not be demonstrative, but there is a steadiness of feeling that enables them to survive when others fail. Often such a relationship occurs because of practical rather than romantic considerations, but this does not weaken it.

    The interpretation above is provided by www.astro.com
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    Oct 09, 2014 2:01 AM GMT
    Notice, God is not starting the relationship with

    - No Strings Attached

    - Fun

    - Common Interests

    - Stats

    - a picture of the front or back of one's pelvis, or a headless picture of a torso

    Here, God is being serious and building a relationship on a foundation for success.

    God's Cabinet Members involved: Saturn (stability and wisdom) and Venus (love and beauty)

    Action between Cabinet Members: Cooperation. I say that because a trine is a goodwill transit