Shades of Grey

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    Oct 19, 2014 5:45 PM GMT
    What if my choices were not just about the black and white or the shades of grey?
    Dilemmas, decisions, and options to grapple over that I do not bear any consequential measure of responsibility over.
    An agenda is set that I have precious little say or control of, for I am not the only one leading, neither exercising nor holding the hands in play.
    It seems that the preponderance of choices that I have of my own volition left over to decide is justly about being true to me.
    Damned if I do and damned if I do not, for I must be able to stand up for something, do the right thing, and be my own person.
    Scruples, morality, ethics are left behind to push, persuade, pimp, pander and peddle onto the people of interest.
    Abandon all sensibilities, principles, logic, and any worthwhile sense of purpose to meet the demands and the expectations of others.
    Take whatever I may have ever believed in about anything and discard it.
    Throw all good sense out the window through the guise along with the other players.
    The wishes and concerns of others are calling, yet what I find in myself is apprehension.
    There is a reason behind the careful consideration, my consternation; creeping misgivings will lead to further withdrawal from your intentions.
    The lasting doubts lead to questions that I must ask for my own well being as well as others.
    Fortunately I will become able to see the answers clearly and I do not care for that which I might perceive and realize.
    Taken at face value it is not always a pretty picture, such as you would like everyone to purpose, see and believe in.
    Brilliant masters of the spin, photo- ops and propaganda will always bamboozle any number of the sheeple.
    Though your delivery of the message may not be as convincing and effective as you would like everyone to think and feel.
    The bringer of opportunity for all and good fortune is not always all that it might appear to be.
    Not unlike a finely tuned engine while primarily functional, the machine is far larger than the sum of any of its parts.
    For whatever promise that has been provided for any of us this prospect will eventually be taken away.
    Progress as some may define will come at a cost for whichever or whoever is exploited is then all but used up and deemed redundant.
    The fruits of your labour, all the resources, spirit, security and pride cannot always be taken away from you all by chance or circumstance so abruptly there are those emerging tell tale signs.
    Do not take any of these signals for granted for whatever you are doing inevitably will come with a price.
    An unrewarding waste of consequence bearing diminishing gains left over for you or me to derive any comfort from.
    What remains in its place will be a challenging ordeal of pain and enduring hardship for all to live within the era that awaits us.

  • toastvenom

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    Oct 21, 2014 7:51 PM GMT
    this is why the baby jesus created alcohol
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    Oct 23, 2014 9:39 PM GMT
    that was hilarious. Didn't see it coming. icon_lol.gif