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  • spe86529

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    Nov 10, 2014 4:23 PM GMT

    Looking for a good trainer willing to work with me online. Have a very busy schedule, in the navy and underway a lot, and also can't afford a full time trainer, but would love to find a trainer who can help me reach my goals. Can discuss pricing and location doesn't matter. To give an idea, I would like to bulk up, add a few pounds of muscle and need help with my diet. I know my way around a gym and have a basic understanding of weightlifting. I have just plateaued and need some help reaching those goals. Message me and we can discuss further.
  • petcollins86

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    Nov 18, 2014 9:57 PM GMT
    Here you have five fitspo instagramers you should follow if you like fitness.

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  • tightwrgls

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    Nov 29, 2014 5:29 AM GMT
    Cloud Health Dynamics -
    Sean puts together great workouts is fast with feedback and will work with you to customize the right program for your desired goals.