What's your opinion on cruising parks? Do you cruise at parks?

  • breaktheice

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    Dec 04, 2014 5:14 PM GMT
    I've heard dividing opinons on this. Some say it's normal for every gay/curious man to do young or old. Some people say it's only for desperate people who can't meet people. Others say it is disgusting.

    I honestly don't know. My question is what do you think about it? and have you cruised at parks before?

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    Dec 04, 2014 5:41 PM GMT
    I would be a liar , if i would say i didn't ..lol..
    I have met all kind of cruisers , be safe , watch around you , don't follow anyone which you have a weird feeling about ..
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    Dec 04, 2014 5:46 PM GMT
    then Al Gore invented the internet.
  • Destinharbor

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    Dec 04, 2014 5:50 PM GMT
    There's something alluring about anonymous sex. Dangerous. But the danger is part of the fun. But it is also dangerous in very real ways that can get your head bashed or give you a permanent disease. Anywhere you have a group of gay men, there's going to be some cruising. Yes, I've done it but not many times and not once when in a relationship. And not recently. I don't recommend it. You're better off cruising at bars if ya just gotta cruise. The parks thing is just a throwback to the bad old days of fear.
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    Dec 05, 2014 2:27 AM GMT
    Park cruising was a traditional way of meeting for sex in the old days (before Stonewall and more freedom to be gay). There was alsways an element of danger involved. Still exists to a much larger extant in europe and in countries where gay sex is illegal or discouraged.
  • SilverRRCloud

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    Dec 06, 2014 5:21 AM GMT
    Yeah. Cruising in the parks is well and alive in some cities in Europe.

    Sure, there are bars, clubs, spas, etc. And we all have all the Apps anyway.

    But the parks survive nonetheless. Because they are all the different things to different people.

    Some guys do not care for the bar/club/spa set up.

    Some guys do not want to dish out the dough needed.

    Some guys love being out there.

    Some guys love the sense of doing something that may be forbidden.

    Some guys love the idea of being silent, mysterious, and rather anonymous, too.

    A few dudes use the parks to simply hook up, and go home or somewhere else for the play afterwards.

    Cruising for m2m sex is what it is. Park, bar, spa, club... You are there for a reason. It is naive to think that a dude who has just paid some $$ for the entrance fee into a fancy cruising venue somewhat superior to the next dude who is doing it all for free in a park...