Once we get marriage equality then what?

  • Inque

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    Dec 30, 2014 12:24 AM GMT
    So I know I can't be the only one thinking about this. Gay marriage seems to be a clear and present victory at this point. However the question is what will we focus on after we get that?

    I have a few suggestions:

    -Work on getting bans state by state that ban conversion therapy

    -Channel the same creativity passion and energy we used for marriage into ENDA and getting that passed or similar laws like it passed

    -State by state get hate crime laws to cover sexual orientation and gender expression

    -Focus on targeting bullying for LGBT or LGBT perceived children

    -Work on getting laws passed that criminalize disowning a minor for any reason but with special regard to LGBT children in particular

    -Hate speech laws passed and pursued against those who rise up and speak against us in a way that can be considered harmful

    -Some sort of law nullifying the use of the gay or trans panic defense

    What ideas can you guys think of?
  • Inque

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    Dec 30, 2014 12:26 AM GMT
    Another question: if marriage equality becomes a reality how will that change the political landscape in America?

    Will the petition for our other civil rights become a much easier fight?
  • HottJoe

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    Dec 30, 2014 1:40 AM GMT
    Then we all live happily ever after.
  • Inque

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    Dec 30, 2014 2:19 AM GMT
    HottJoe saidThen we all live happily ever after.

    And then Nick Jonas comes out of the closet and proposes to Taylor Lautner
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    Dec 31, 2014 12:24 AM GMT
    Then we get divorce and fight over property
  • Inque

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    Jan 11, 2015 11:42 PM GMT
    [quote][cite]Blondizgd said[/cite]Then we get divorce and fight over propert