Losing My Virginity at 18 & Becoming a Pre-Adult

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    Jan 06, 2015 9:39 AM GMT
    Hello guys, I want to introduce myself. My name is Deon, I'm 20 years old and for some odd reason, the gay dating world can be quite confusing and unexpected to see from my eye point of bird view when it comes to meeting other guys.

    Now, don't get all smart or judgmental if you are one because I'm a very smart young person and a little bit on the fem side and know quite a bit when it comes from relationships and experiences from other people.

    I'm from Glendale, AZ which is just right outside of the Phoenix Metro Area and I must say, there are NO Gay Communities from what I've seen out here or at least by my area standards alone. There may be 1 or 2 gay clubs around but very well hidden and most gay guys I've met here are quite shallow or either on the DL or QUOTE "Straight Acting" which is not the definition I like to hear. Born & Raised, I've seen guys that either wants a One-Night Stand, a short term or just dating to get into your pants, or perhaps very picky and disrespectful and mainly homophobic which was the past and they were mainly masculine and didn't liked to be around guys who are softer or a little more on the fem side like me. Some men I've talked to either has kids yet says they want my number and I don't even know them or offering me a ride which 1 guy by the looks of his face, he looks like he can be in his late 30s or early 40s and began touching my leg right when I got into his car and thank goodness I just left and didn't say anything. Ugh, he was a creep and maybe a pedophile but enough of that.

    I did had a terrible experience at the age of 18 when I mistakenly had a fight with my mom's boyfriend and got kicked out of the house and most of the time lived with my Latino neighbor right next to us but didn't stayed there that long. This was the time I barely knew anything about sex since my school was a D+ Average and didn't educated us the basics that well and luckily, I learned myself most of the subjects alone but not until later.

    I was a Senior in High School and was living with my brother's ex girlfriend and her 6 kids on and off along with my neighbor for 3 months and decided to search some Gay sites to find some nice guys to get to know or perhaps live with. I wasn't needy at the time so don't be harsh since we all make mistakes.

    I downloaded an app called Grindr to find some decent guys around my area that I may live with after I get to know them as close friends to avoid being an isolation from everyone and being on the streets. I met a guy on there named Jr. saying "what's up?" and then said nothing much and took it from there. He said to me, wanna come over and I said sure. Now, this was the very first time I've ever experienced a hookup from any guy that I've ever met and went to his house late at night say around midnight or 2:00 a.m. I know, I was being childish but he seemed nice. Sadly, this was during the Winter months so he gave me his address to his apartment number and walked straight from my neighbor's house from there.

    It was only 2 miles away from my location and had to dress up warm and to find somewhere good to stay since it was around the low 40s at night and my neighbor didn't had heaters and was living very poor for food and supplies so I didn't want to be seen as using them or anything for that kind matter. As I knocked into his door, he was an average-sized guy, cute looking, and wasn't mean or anything and then he decided to have sex which I didn't knew one damn thing what he was doing. He stripped down and then told me if I wanted to try and experiment and said sure. This was my first time doing anything sexual with a guy ever so we tried oral, anal, and even watched porn in which case I've never seen before and then began to kiss him. Unfortunately, he's the first guy I've lost my virginity to when I was 18 and he was 23. I thought I would maybe get to know him and he told me he wants to hangout, go out to dinner or whatever words he said but just told me I had to go since he said he has to wake up for work in the morning and it was like 1:30 a.m. or something like that. I was so tired I could barely focus on my subjects due to walking home late again and being kicked out of my house and not much of my friends were big supporters either since I was Gay. I've only heard from this guy like once or twice a week but only at night and sadly only wanted to have pleasure and wasn't interested anymore.

    I would love to say more but would have to in the next topic since I hate making paragraphs long of text. Lol but anyway, that's how I began to get used by other men and didn't went well as the months past by. It was 50/50 of my fault and my mom's boyfriend since I told my mom I wanted to bring a few friends over to my birthday party and we didn't had much money since I was being rejected and back stabbed by a lot of my friends and other guys just because of my sexual orientation or perhaps other things as well. But hey, I don't like being blamed for what I done because we all did something wrong in our lives and was barely an adult at the time and my late childhood got worse as I got older.
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    Jan 06, 2015 9:57 AM GMT
    I'm gonna be in Glendale in a few weeks for work (I travel some).

    Rather than looking for the gay community, in my spare time I'll be out on the mountain trails with my bicycle flying downhill at the speed of light. Can't wait to ride real mountains again! icon_biggrin.gif
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    Jan 06, 2015 10:13 AM GMT
    Ah that's awesome! That sounds like fun and thinking about going out for a hike again myself to the mountains once it gets warmer and usually going out for my walks more frequently. icon_smile.gif I definitely need to get out for fresh air since it's starting to warm out again but for the better to get some exercise. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Jan 06, 2015 10:17 AM GMT
    Yeah the mountains there are fun to hike or ride. I used to hike South Mountain when I lived there in 2012. Always wanted to hike Camelback Mtn but never got around to it.
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    Jan 06, 2015 10:20 AM GMT
    They are and I used to hike with my mom and her boyfriend to Squaw Peak and Camelback mountain which was beautifully but very exhausting. I miss those times even though we're busy and don't have the energy for it as much as we used and the peaks were very challenging as well.
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    Jan 07, 2015 1:03 PM GMT
    Let Vivi end this pointless thread with some truth to yo ass.

    If you've had sex with another guy, you's still a virgin. In order to loss your virginity, you must have sex with the opposite gender. Period.

    The end!icon_wink.gif