National Bike Challenge

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    Feb 01, 2015 5:45 PM GMT
    Last year over 47,000 riders in the National Bike Challenged pedaled over 23 million miles from May 1-September 30. Wisconsin won 1st place in the state challenge, followed by Nebraska and Vermont. You can view the full results and wrap up of all local, business, schools, teams, and individual challenges and see all the award winners here: Scoring was not only based on miles and population data, but each rider received points based on the number of days you road in the challenge. Each rider received 1 point for each mile rode and a 20 point bonus for each day that they rode at least 1 mile. For example, if you rode 10 miles one day, you would receive 30 points that day--10 points for each mile plus the 20 point bonus. So the challenge obviously rewarded those who rode often.

    There were 153 days in the challenge and I was able to ride every day for a total of 4,675 miles during the 5 month period of the challenge. This gave me 7,735 points, which placed me 7th out of 2,310 riders in our local Fox Valley area and 242 nationally out of over 47,000 riders. The top overall male rider was Eric Norgren from Topeka, KS, who also rode all 153 days for a total of 18,152 miles, which gave him 21,212 points. The overall top female rider was Mary Catterton from Appleton, WI who is my RPM instructor at Xperience Fitness in Appleton. She rode 127 days in the challenge for a total of 9,863 miles and 12,403 points. I told her she should have rode another 137 miles to reach 10,000 miles. She rode a lot more miles than this, if you count her indoor RPM miles, but indoor spinning miles did not count for this challenge.

    This challenge got started orginally in Wisconsin many years ago in the Kimberly Clark Corporation in Neenah, WI by Rob Gusky, a friend of mine, who wanted to challenge his fellow employees in a bike challenge, which included biking to work. This challenge then expanded state wide with over 300 businesses participating and was so successful that 2 years ago it expanded nationally and is now sponsored by both The League of American Bicyclists and Scot Naturals, a division of the Kimberly Clark Corporation.

    There is going to be another National Bike Challenge this year from May 1-September 30. There is absolutely no cost to register and participate and you are able to sync your rides automatically on sites like Map My Ride and Endomondo. I use Endomondo for tracking my miles and every time you log in to the National Bike Challenge, it automatically syncs all of the miles you logged. I'm posting this in the news forum here because we want to encourage more people to take up the habit of riding for commuting and transportation and also sport and recreation and participate this year in the National Bike Challenge. All miles that you ride outdoors on any bike count in the challenge. Many prizes are given every month by a random drawing in categories from bronze to plantinum, based on the highest level you have reached. The higher the level your reach, the more expensive the prizes are for the drawing. Although the website is still active from last years challenge, all miles of all riders will reset to 0 at 12:00 am central standard time May 1. Here is the link to register:
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    Feb 01, 2015 6:09 PM GMT

    You should get in touch with mrk100, since he is an awesome cyclist and outstanding athlete. I am sure this challenge would interest him.
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    Feb 01, 2015 6:15 PM GMT
    They have been improving the logistics of the website every year and believe me it had a much better roll out then Obama Care did. And unlike Obama Care, the National Bike Challenge truly is affordable and is FREE. However, you will not be forced to participate in it, if you do not want to. It believes in the freedom to ride. lol But anyone who is a legal citizen of the US or works for a US based company or business, no matter what your age, race, gender or sexual orientation is, is invited to participate in the National Bike Challenge. Wisconsin is going to do everything it can (without cheating like deflating bike tires haha) to repeat in 2015 as champions of the National Bike Challenge. These are all the award winners last year in the various challenge categories, including businesses, schools, and local challenges and teams:



    Individual Rider, Female: Mary Catterton

    Individual Rider, Male: Eric Nordgren


    Team (up to 10 riders): Kansas Krank Addicts

    Team (11 - 24 riders): Shallow Dog Riders

    Team (25 - 49 riders): Henry Street Pirates

    Team (50 - 99 riders): MBSC: Mind Brain Social Club

    Team (100+ riders): Gainesville Cycling Club


    Workplace (Fewer than 10 employees):

    Workplace (10 - 99 employees): League of American Bicyclists

    Workplace (100 - 499 employees): Health District of Northern Larimer County

    Workplace (500 - 4,999 employees): Sierra Nevada

    Workplace (5,000 employees): HDR, Inc.

    Workplace (Bike Shop/Industry): Santa Monica Bike Center


    School (Elementary): Pinon Valley Elementary

    School (Middle): James Madison Middle School

    School (High School): Wayne Enrichment Center

    School (College/University): University of Minnesota Medical School


    Community (Fewer than 500 residents): Lively, VA

    Community (500 - 4,999 residents): Atlantic Mine, MI

    Community (5,000 - 49,999 residents): Waterloo, WI

    Community (50,000 - 199,999 residents): Appleton, WI

    Community (200,000+ residents): Madison, WI

    Local Challenges

    Local Challenge (Northeast): Local Motion

    Local Challenge (South): Sun City Cyclers

    Local Challenge (Midwest): Fox Valley Bike Challenge

    Local Challenge (West): Baker Loves Bikes


    1. Wisconsin

    2. Nebraska

    3. Vermont
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    Feb 01, 2015 7:27 PM GMT
    roadbikeRob said
    You should get in touch with mrk100, since he is an awesome cyclist and outstanding athlete. I am sure this challenge would interest him.

    Ok, but nobody should think this challenge is only for hardcore cyclists. In fact the commuter, kids, students can get more points by riding a little every day then even a hard core cyclist, who rides a century ride on Saturday.It's meant to encourage everyone to ride for any reason, even if it is just a short trip to the store or wherever. It's amazing how many miles can be accumulated among a team riding just a few miles every day. And in each level everyone has an equal chance to win prizes because they are awarded by random drawing at the end of each month among all riders in that level. And such statistics of how much people ride shows to lawmakers the economic values that come from a transportation infrastruture that includes those who ride bikes. Because of this challenge, Wisconsin is moving forward to making biking more safe and accesible with bike lanes, bike parking, trails etc. I can actually get around almost anywhere in the Fox Valley area now using designated bike lanes and off road bike trails. It's becoming a biker's paradise here that is helping to reduce traffic congestion, due to more and more people commuting by bike. When they finished building the new 6 lane causeway over Lake Butte, they included also a wide bike lane with a tall cement barrier because cars just a few feet away are traveling over 70 mph. This really connects bikers to the city of Oshkosh from the State Wiouwash Trail and from other communities in the area through this causeway. It is now heavily used by bikers of every age daily. And they worked with the American Indian tribes who built 12 kiosks with history about the 12 tribes in Wisconsin. This trail is not just practical, but is an artistic masterpiece showcasing Wisconsin history.
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    Feb 03, 2015 9:52 AM GMT
    This is great! Though I cannot believe this is the first I'm hearing about it.