Do I tell my buddy his roommates recorded him having kinky sex?

  • dominLA

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    Feb 03, 2015 4:42 AM GMT
    this is a tad more complicated than the subject line indicates

    so i have a buddy "JAKE" (very nice soft spoken kind of guy... hot too with a big dick and kinky) he was living with (up until a few days ago) an old friend of mine and his bf (BOB and TONY). They rented a room to him.

    there were some issues with Jake living there but nothing too serious. he's been there a few years.

    recently when Bob and Tony went on vacation they secretly put in a nanny cam... supposedly to keep an eye on the pets. i think they did it to spy on Jake because they suspected something.

    now you should know Jake is a computer related freelancer but sometimes needs to make extra money to make rent so he does... "massages" on the side... i've known this for years and never thought of it as a big deal. you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

    he usually went to the clients places but sometimes had them come to him (Bob and Tonys place) but in his own bedroom. i know he did real massages (he has a table). he also had happy endings. and he's also into s&m and got into more kinky stuff sometimes. all innocent but kinky. Bob and Tony didn't know any of this. they just thought Jake had a lot sex.

    so with them gone Jake brought some of the clients home and into the livingroom area. That was his mistake for sure.

    can you see where this is going?

    when Bob and Tony get back. surprise. full on naked Jake and s&m with strangers etc. he didn't do anything overtly sexual in the livingroom but started some of the scenes in there before they got to jake's bedroom. obviously Bob and Tony were surprised. and they didn't know it was for money on top of it.

    Tony freaked out a lot. too much in fact. he actually got scared of Jake which was silly. i didn't know any of this until recently. i would have calmed Tony down.

    Bob and Tony asked him to move out nicely (which i understand) but gave him a fake reason.

    so now he's gone... he got another place. everything is fine. but everyone is under the wrong impression and doesn't know the real truth. everyone but me. and no one knows i know. i think it's kind of funny.

    i found out all this out from a common friend (of Tony's) who has a big mouth

    i really want to tell Jake but it won't help anyone and he's just gonna be humiliated and upset. but i'm the kind of guy that hates having secrets.

    i probably wont tell him. it would do no good. at least i got to tell it on here.

  • HndsmKansan

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    Feb 03, 2015 4:48 AM GMT
    The whole thing sounds pretty negative. I suggest you stay out of it, no new drama is positive.

    No reason to cause additional issues.
  • dominLA

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    Feb 03, 2015 4:50 AM GMT
    HndsmKansan saidThe whole thing sounds pretty negative. I suggest you stay out of it, no new drama is positive.

    No reason to cause additional issues.

    agreed... i just had to get it off my chest
  • AMoonHawk

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    Feb 03, 2015 4:51 AM GMT
    Find out if the deleted the video... If they did, then no harm. But who knows if they'll answer honestly. Maybe someday (not today) just bring it up casually like ... did you know Bob and Tony use a nanny cam to monitor their house when they go out of town? ... and then just leave it at that.
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    Feb 03, 2015 5:02 AM GMT
    1. Bob and Tony go on Vacation and I am SURE it is a "GAY" fun filled cum version right....or at least they got to go.
    2. He rents and should be allowed to have fun and freedom
    3. What's the big fucking deal. It's WEHO for shit sake! lol
    4. Erotic messages are cool and why not. Old men have bucks.
    5. Jake needs to just be honest and let them know and they need to leave him alone.
    6. Most str8 people are more "kinky" then us poor boys. lol
    7. Fifty shades of "gay" sounds fun! Hook me up!!icon_wink.gif
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    Feb 03, 2015 5:03 AM GMT
    If the former roommates have any money, "Jake" could probably sue them for every penny. Plenty of guys are in jail for a long, long time over nanny-cam footage, though that usually involves under-age girls.

    These guys might have an opinion:

  • NeuralShock

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    Feb 03, 2015 6:35 AM GMT
    Tell them, this is a horrifying thought of being filmed without knowing.

  • tj85016

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    Feb 03, 2015 8:44 AM GMT
    I'd tell him
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    Feb 03, 2015 2:33 PM GMT
    i would stay out of it big time. Say something but its a useless effort because sounds like everything is said and done.

    now you know to much information about Jake, Bob and Tony, whatever.
  • rnch

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    Feb 03, 2015 4:28 PM GMT
    In order to render a proper and accurate judgment; we will need an internet link to said kinky sex event.

  • HottJoe

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    Feb 03, 2015 4:42 PM GMT
    Tell your buddy, so he can move out. His roommates are shady, to say the least.
  • Destinharbor

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    Feb 03, 2015 5:50 PM GMT
    I'd say something to Bob and Tony. Obviously Tony also has a big mouth. It sounds like you're good enough friends that you can reason with them that Jake doesn't deserve to have this talked about. He didn't do any harm. But then I'd drop it and hope nothing further is said by anyone.