Alabama is next for marriage equality! Yep, ALABAMA! :)

  • JuneauMike

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    Feb 07, 2015 10:46 PM GMT
    It's a tidal wave!
  • roadbikeRob

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    Feb 07, 2015 10:49 PM GMT
    I can just imagine the fierce protests from all the narrow minded bible thumping screwballs if Alabama is forced to accept and recognize gay marriage.icon_lol.gif
  • JuneauMike

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    Feb 07, 2015 10:52 PM GMT
    If the Supreme Court does not issue a stay, which they still may, then this is the "canary in the coal mine" for all anti-marriage equality laws. It will mean the SCOTUS does not see a likelihood of success for upholding gay marriage bans.
  • Rhi_Bran

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    Feb 08, 2015 1:13 AM GMT
  • MrManSF

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    Feb 08, 2015 2:56 PM GMT
    What most of these folks forget is that their beliefs Do NOT trump my rights. By the Constitution they have the religious right to believe whatever they want, but what they believe has nothing to say about my rights as defined by the same document.

    Rights are protected by the Constitution, not beliefs.
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    Feb 08, 2015 3:21 PM GMT
    Get ready for some 21st century Jim Crow actions. They won't last for long thanks to modern technology and communication tech but watch them try.
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    Feb 08, 2015 4:11 PM GMT
    Still have Louisiana and Mississippi to go though...
  • vj2004t

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    Feb 08, 2015 5:20 PM GMT
    I hope they get it right they are such bumbleing idiots. I live in Alabama I am ashamed to say. Kick the governor out of office we could get a lot done...
  • Destinharbor

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    Feb 08, 2015 7:18 PM GMT
    I lived in Alabama for a while. There was a weird group-think about the place driven by religion and fueled by truly despicable politicians. Aided by a corrupt constitution written by Yankees from Pittsburgh who wanted cheap, uneducated labor for their foundries so they concentrated all power in the state capitol and structured it so it would stay that way, under their control.

    But, I will say that individually, the people were pretty generous. We had a clearly gay guy in our golf club that got seriously ill and needed round the clock care. All the good-'op-boys rallied around him and would pick him up and drive him wherever he needed to go, shop for him, even just bring him over to the club so he could sit around and talk to guys in the 19th hole. I saw several things like that where their actions didn't match their red-neck words. But for some reason, they kept voting for all the wrong things and people. Crazy.

  • Feb 09, 2015 1:37 AM GMT
    So happy for equality, in spite of the fact that plenty here (Alabama) are whining and complaining and preaching about it!!! That is the state that I currently reside in and have for over 15 years, but marriage ain't ever gonna happen for me it seems icon_sad.gif