A Cream That Can Cheaply Remove Tattoos

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    Feb 20, 2015 6:53 PM GMT
    What’s More Amazing: A Cream That Can Remove Tattoos Or How Little It Costs?

    "to cover a 4 by 4-inch area would only cost around $4.50 per treatment"

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    Feb 20, 2015 7:19 PM GMT
    The immune system sends out special cells called macrophages to “clean up” the infection (i.e. your new tattoo). They absorb the ink and transport it to the lymph nodes, where both the cells and the ink they contain are permanently eliminated.

    So a tat essentially is a delivery system for introducing the chemicals of ink into the lymphatic system? How is that good?

    Is there any correlation or studies between, say, lymphoma and tattooing?

    There is solid science to show that many of the inks used in tattoos contain carcinogens. This means people are having cancer-producing particles injected directly into their skin.

    But oddly enough, they are not developing skin cancers. One explanation is that these particles are stable. If they were not stable, the tattoo would not be permanent.

    However, when people want to remove a tattoo, lasers are often used. Lasers shatter the pigments, making the particles unstable and more likely to flow into the body’s lymph system.

    If they are small enough they may then pass into the blood stream and come to rest anywhere in the body.

    Even nanoparticles can contain potentially harmful chemicals. If these settle in an area, the harm could build slowly and only declare itself decades later, perhaps in the form of a cancer....

    ...While pigment is largely stable the first few weeks after being injected, it may move locally in the skin. Over time it may also be degraded by factors such as sunlight.

    In these cases, loose particles may enter the lymphatic system and come to rest in regional lymph nodes from where there is direct contact with the bone marrow and the immune system.

    Serup says a high percentage of people unknowingly have their lymph nodes tattooed. Neither the tattooist nor the subject is aware of this because the lymph node is not visible....

    I've no tats, never gave this a thought before and am not familiar with the science if there's much out there on this. Interesting though considering how many tats ya see today. Any medical guy wanna comment?