In France only one of these will get you in trouble with the law. Can you guess which?




Egalite & Reconciliation:At 7AM, four police officers woke the cartoonist to take him before the judge in the High Court Instance of Paris. A complaint appears to have been filed by the BNVCA (National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism).

The complaint seems to refer to a drawing – for which Zeon had already been released last year by the 17th chamber – representing a balance and unbalanced weight of several historical crimes, and also for another drawing, which was not retained by the prosecutor at the previous trial, representing a Palestinian child stabbed by a Israel-shaped knife.

The judge has indicted the cartoonist on incitement to racial, religious hatred, by speech, writing, picture or means of electronic communication. Zeon refused to answer his questions. He was set free in late morning.