Here we go again, the state(s) trying to over ride a federal law, what part don't conservatives in a state government get?, they continue to thumb there noses at federal level executive and judicial decisions icon_rolleyes.gif

Efforts to undermine LGBT gains on the national level are being backed in the states.

Government Contracting

Perhaps in response to President Barack Obama’s move to ban federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees, a proposal in Virginia would prohibit government agencies in the state from requiring contractors to agree to nondiscrimination stipulations above what's required by state law. An Indiana bill would allow government contractors to discriminate on religious grounds.

HB 1409 Public contracts; nondiscrimination, required provisions

Public contracts; nondiscrimination; required provisions. Prohibits agencies of the Commonwealth and other public bodies from requiring any contractor entering into a public contract to agree to additional nondiscrimination provisions that are not otherwise required under the Fair Employment Contracting Act or the Virginia Public Procurement Act.

Senate Bill 127

Religious exemption in state and local contracts. Provides that a contract entered into, modified, or renewed by the state or any of its political or civil subdivisions after June 30, 2015, with a religious corporation, an association, an educational institution, or a society must include language stating that, to the extent permitted under executive order 13279 or Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, the religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society is not prohibited from giving a preference in employment to individuals of a particular religion or requiring that all employees and applicants conform to the religious tenets of the organization icon_eek.gif