57 Congressional GOP urges Supreme Court to uphold marriage bans + Conservative states Attorney Generals

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    Apr 04, 2015 3:23 AM GMT


    A total of 57 congressional Republicans — including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz — joined forces in a bicameral brief filed on Friday urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold state bans on same-sex marriage.

    1. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas
    2. Senator Steve Daines of Montana
    3. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma
    4. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma
    5. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
    6. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina
    7. Representative Robert B. Aderholt of
    Alabama, 4th Congressional District
    8. Representative Rick W. Allen of Georgia, 12th
    Congressional District
    9. Representative Mike Bishop of Michigan, 8th
    Congressional District
    10.Representative Marsha Blackburn of
    Tennessee, 7th Congressional District
    11.Representative Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma,
    1st Congressional District
    12.Representative Michael K. Conaway of Texas,
    11th Congressional District
    13.Representative Kevin Cramer of North
    Dakota, At-Large
    14.Representative John Abney Culberson of
    Texas, 7th Congressional District
    15.Representative Jeff Duncan of South Carolina,
    3rd Congressional District
    16.Representative Stephen Fincher of Tennessee,
    8th Congressional District
    17.Representative John Fleming of Louisiana,
    4th Congressional District
    18.Representative Bill Flores of Texas, 17th
    Congressional District
    19.Representative J. Randy Forbes of Virginia,
    4th Congressional District
    20.Representative Virginia Foxx of North
    Carolina, 5th Congressional District
    21.Representative Trent Franks of Arizona, 8th
    Congressional District
    22.Representative Scott Garrett of New Jersey,
    5th Congressional District
    23.Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas, 1st
    Congressional District
    24.Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, 6th
    Congressional District
    25.Representative Paul A. Gosar of Arizona, 4th
    Congressional District
    26.Representative Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin,
    6th Congressional District
    27.Representative Andy Harris of Maryland, 1st
    Congressional District
    28.Representative Vicky Hartzler of Missouri,
    4th Congressional District
    29.Representative Jody B. Hice of Georgia, 10th
    Congressional District
    30.Representative Richard Hudson of North
    Carolina, 8th Congressional District
    31.Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, 1st
    Congressional District
    32.Representative Randy Hultgren of Illinois,
    14th Congressional District
    33.Representative Walter B. Jones of North
    Carolina, 3rd Congressional District
    34.Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, 4th
    Congressional District
    35.Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania,
    3rd Congressional District
    36.Representative Steve King of Iowa, 4th
    Congressional District
    37.Representative Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho, 1st
    Congressional District
    38.Representative Doug LaMalfa of California,
    1st Congressional District
    39.Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado,
    5th Congressional District
    40.Representative Mark Meadows of North
    Carolina, 11th Congressional District
    41.Representative Jeff Miller of Florida, 1st
    Congressional District
    42.Representative Markwayne Mullin of
    Oklahoma, 2nd Congressional District
    43.Representative Randy Neugebauer of Texas,
    19th Congressional District
    44.Representative Kristi L. Noem of South
    Dakota, At-Large
    45.Representative Pete Olson of Texas, 22nd
    Congressional District
    46.Representative Steven M. Palazzo of
    Mississippi, 4th Congressional District
    47.Representative Stevan Pearce of New Mexico,
    2nd Congressional District
    48.Representative Joseph R. Pitts of
    Pennsylvania, 16th Congressional District
    49.Representative Keith J. Rothfus of
    Pennsylvania, 12th Congressional District
    50.Representative David Rouzer of North
    Carolina, 7th Congressional District
    51.Representative Steve Russell of Oklahoma,
    5th Congressional District
    52.Representative Christopher H. Smith of New
    Jersey, 4th Congressional District
    53.Representative Tim Walberg of Michigan, 7th
    Congressional District
    54.Representative Randy K. Weber, Sr. of Texas,
    14th Congressional District
    55.Representative Ted S. Yoho of Florida, 3rd
    Congressional District
    56.Representative Ryan K. Zinke of Montana, At-
    57.Representative Pete Sessions of Texas, 32nd
    Congressional District
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    Apr 04, 2015 5:59 AM GMT

    Meanwhile, the other side icon_rolleyes.gif

    Paxton to justices: Let states ban gay marriage

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined a dozen other states’ top lawyers in signing Louisiana Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell’s amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to respect states’ gay marriage bans, his office said Thursday.

    The brief urges the justices to uphold a ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. It affirmed four states’ constitutional authority to refuse to allow same-sex marriages or recognize existing same-sex marriages performed in other states.

    “The states’ exercise of sovereign authority is at its apex in domestic relations law,” their brief said. In addition to Paxton and Caldwell, it was signed by attorneys general in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina and West Virginia.
  • KissTheSky

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    Apr 04, 2015 7:47 PM GMT
    Another proud day for the GOP.
    Every name on the list of people who want to take away our civil rights is REPUBLICAN -- the party of bigotry.
  • Rene_Aensland

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    Apr 04, 2015 8:48 PM GMT
    Are you fucking kidding me?
    We have starving men, women and children, we have people dying in 3rd World Countries every fucking minute, I see homeless every fucking day of my life and the biggest concern right now to these states is to uphold their "Right" to ban gay marriage.

    You're fucking shitting me.
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    Apr 04, 2015 11:29 PM GMT
    KissTheSky saidAnother proud day for the GOP.
    Every name on the list of people who want to take away our civil rights is REPUBLICAN -- the party of bigotry.

    You militant homosexual, you icon_rolleyes.gif

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    Apr 04, 2015 11:41 PM GMT

    Anita Bryant and the Myth of the Militant Homosexual

    “We’re not going to take this sitting down,” Bryant promised after the vote. “The ordinance condones immorality and discriminates against my children’s right to grow up in a healthy, decent community.” She invited opposition leaders to her house to plan their counteroffensive.

    The key to Bryant’s “discrimination” strategy was to portray equal rights advocates as anti-Christian oppressors. She warned of “militant homosexuals who are highly financed, highly organized.” Their true objective, she claimed, was not the right to hold jobs and buy houses. Since they were unable to reproduce biologically, their only hope of survival was “to recruit your children and teach them the virtue of becoming a homosexual.”