Teen basketball player Dalton Maldonado comes out on court, chased off by opposition

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    Apr 05, 2015 7:47 AM GMT
    Teen basketball player comes out on court, chased off by opposition

    "Kentucky high school student Dalton Maldonado’s team, the Betsy Layne Bobcats, had just suffered a defeat at the hands of one of the state’s best teams, when an opposing player yelled at him: “Hey No. 3, I hear you’re a faggot”.

    Mr Maldonado, who had struggled accepting his sexuality for a long time, responded with: “Yeah, baby, can I have your number?”
    Only two of his team-mates knew he was gay, including best friend McKenzie Ackers. He had only told his parents that week. It was an explosive coming out moment for someone who had not wanted to reveal his sexuality while involved in sports.

    While his response disarmed the opposition player, when he got back to the changing room, he broke down in tears."

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    Apr 06, 2015 8:34 AM GMT
    glad his team and coaches were there to support him. where were the adults for the other team? did just run and hide? COWARDS...........
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    Apr 06, 2015 8:56 AM GMT
    The game was over - was he really chased off the court? Seems like the greater threats came during the bus ride back to their hotel. Why wasn't anyone charged?

    And his retort could also be interpreted as a defiant, flippant answer, meant to embarrass the other guy, that proves nothing about his sexuality.

    At the same time, I guess when you're that age all that doesn't occur to you, nor to your teammates. I wish him good luck. Living in bigoted Kentucky he'll likely need it.
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    Apr 06, 2015 11:15 PM GMT
    I guess I don't understand what went on. The guy shouldn't have been called a faggot. BUT, in sports, you hear all types of insults between guys so that word alone shouldn't have been given the power to make him cry in the locker room.

    I would like to hear a story where Kyle gets called a faggot, then Kyle says, "Oh, you wanna see faggot? I'll show you a faggot" and then Kyle punches the guy in the face and then in the stomach and then whips out his dick and slaps the guy across the face with it. Or jumps the guy in the lockerroom, holds him down and....

    Kinda done with the stories where we get bullied and cry or write angry letters or worse.
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    Apr 07, 2015 3:50 AM GMT
    I agree with woodford, to an extent; I'm tired of polite responses to abuse and aggression. That said, if prejudiced intimidation is borne from abuse, neither party is getting reconciliation or remedy. I have no perfect solution, though there's probably someone out there with an idea.