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    Apr 07, 2015 12:30 AM GMT
    ever just get tired of trying to find a man who is visually appealing and that lusting sex in bed without them either

    1. being very sexy but having the emotional set of a tea spoon
    2. being boring in bed but all rounder everywhere else
    3. being a total player
    4. being the ones that are just too needy
    5. being really inexperienced its silly

    id like to be not hurt for once and just be that narcissistic basic needs of any man will do and not care. have any of you thought fuck it, ill just join this way of thinking - has to be better than the alternative.

    I grant you, am only 25 but have more than enough exp and done the majority of my bucket list.

    I don't know what kind of gay I should become. I need help. advice please
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    Apr 07, 2015 11:46 AM GMT
    yep. I had my share of all five.
    I would like to find combination of 1 and 3. too much to ask?
    I am not sure if you can become any of those. Some guys are just wired that way. In my case, I do like sex more passionate, with lots of spit, kisses etc. Not into just fuck, blow and go.
  • Destinharbor

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    Apr 07, 2015 1:53 PM GMT
    It's not my experience that many guys are like any of this. Sure, no one is perfect and some are more flawed than others, but most guys want what you want. Try looking somewhere different than you have in the past. And maybe examine why you've found so many of these guys that you're believing guys aren't solid. Maybe it's too much focus on sex in the selection process. I'm not a prude, I totally want sex on the first date but I'm not expecting to find it good or bad but instead just fun. And an avenue to getting to know the guy well fast. I should add that your profile suggests you're only looking for sex and don't care about disease.
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    Apr 10, 2015 11:58 PM GMT
    i care about being safe, but am not going to lie either . i do occasionally have raw intercourse, doest mean i don't care about my health or well-being.

    as for only being out for sex, well i think am giving up on other things. i think men having relationships with other men isnt for me, too many factors which end up me regretting it.

    that is my question though to others on here ; have they ever thought just bugger this ill be one of these guys that is only out for one thing.