Any dancers around?

  • Elian

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    Apr 09, 2015 11:19 AM GMT
    I am curious about whether if there is other people in the forum that are into dancing. And by that I don't mean shaking your ass on a club!

    I have done quite a lot of Latin and Ballroom dancing in the past years, with both women and men, although my favorite is tango (Yeah, cheesy, but you will love it too if you tried it)

    There is a quite nice same sex dancing scene out there. Quite cool to break into traditionally straight activities. Also I still have to meet a dancer without a fit ass (has done wonders for mine icon_razz.gif)

    Going to Berlin queer tango festival this summer and can't wait for it.

    So any other dancers around? Would be cool to share experiences, videos etc...

    Check out this guys, just wow!
  • Svnw688

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    Apr 09, 2015 2:19 PM GMT
    Cool video. I've done ballroom dancing for a year, but only hetero (e.g., dancing with a female). It's addicting to chase the dragon of "perfection" in ballroom dancing. I dropped it only because ballet took over time-wise.

    I also was a ballet dancer and performed in many ballets and countless performances from the age of 10 to about 18, when I gave ballet up and dropped the professional dancer track to attend college. I still take ballet recreationally a few times a week, but I'm not with a company or anything now(e.g., no performances, etc.).

    I've never tried the tango, but I think I'd really enjoy it. I'm jealous of your trip. icon_cool.gif
  • Elian

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    Apr 09, 2015 4:16 PM GMT
    Fair enough, I really envy ballet dancers, I think many other styles benefit a lot from knowing Ballet.

    I have done ballroom too, though I was on my rebel stage and wanted to follow, just because all the other guys seemed "afraid" to do it.Then my friend wanted to follow when we joined tango so I started leading more. It's fun to get people attention when they see a same sex couple and changing who is leading in the middle of the song always impress people too.

    I really recommend you tango, balance and rythm comes into play much more and its as close as it gets to improvising as there is no set steps and the music doesn't usually have a regular beat.

    I think people underestimate the fitness that comes from regular dancing... I find it great for the "V" area and the ass mainly.
  • metta

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    Apr 09, 2015 5:47 PM GMT
    DancerJack, time for you to chime in.....ever since you got have not been around much.