Any gay virgins on this site?

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    Apr 10, 2015 10:44 PM GMT
    Seems like everybody here is pretty much gay or bi. Just wondering if anyone is curious and not tried anything yet. Would be interested to chat
  • schoom

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    Apr 14, 2015 9:23 PM GMT
    Yep, right here. Straight and married, but a little curious.
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    Apr 16, 2015 1:30 AM GMT
    Virgin here
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    Apr 16, 2015 1:36 AM GMT
    I've been with men quite a number of times myself, but I've been helping out a virgin on this site lately. Pretty awesome guy actually... something may come of this between us.
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    Apr 16, 2015 4:59 AM GMT
    pazzy saidokay... i have to get this off my chest because something is REALLY bothering me right now.

    i was a gay virgin until april 2nd of this year. icon_sad.gif met up with someone who i was talking with on here for some months, we finally decided to meet up and we did some things. he was willing to show me the way though we didn't go all the way.

    learned a couple of things.

    -kissing isn't what i thought it would be cracked up to be. got my first kiss on april 2nd.

    -ass feels great to slap on.

    -had my ass ate out and tried to eat out some ass.

    -he sucked my dick.

    -almost had anal sex.

    but see, now.... i'ma be honest. i'm paranoid as fuck that i caught something. don't know if it's because i'm dry masturbating or whatever BUT noticing i have what i believe to be rashes on my dick. my dick has been full of bumps. one of them was itching me. had a boo boo on it before BUT it was a scab when i did whatever with him. been looking up for symptoms of herpes and etc. crossing my fingers and hoping like hell i didn't catch that shit because if i did...... icon_mad.gif told him what the deal was too. the thing is that he said that he had something but he got treated for it or was taking meds. about to call the clinic up and get tested because fuck getting sick on what was supposed to be my first time. he's experienced, i'm not. just scared as fuck that i caught something. that would crush me a huge fucking deal. it wasn't a dating situation at all. he already has somebody and was in an open relationship. we're just friends and nothing more than that. that's cool and all but i actually want someone who is single, wants to be friends and willing to have sex and possibly date.

    but yeah, i'm quite sure that i'm gay as i've had doubts and since then.... have been wanting more actions and willing to go all the way BUT with someone who is steady there. a friends with benefits though i'll admit, i want to start dating. i'm technically no longer a virgin since my dick got sucked though not completely BUT i need to be fucked though or fuck somebody. icon_neutral.gif don't just want some quickie shit either. want to make out for hours and play all day. that is barring that the tests that i will be calling for and following up in a few months show that i'm disease free.

    congratulations Pazzy!!!
  • schoom

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    Apr 16, 2015 8:17 PM GMT
    I'm definitely not out and out gay because I love women and their bodies so much, but I'd go so far as to say I'm bi (well, bi-curious at this stage because I'm a gay virgin).

    My wife currently fucks me with a strap on which I love, but I also wouldn't mind getting fucked by a real dick. Then I'd love to flip him over and fuck his ass too.
  • Unnamed6

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    Apr 17, 2015 6:45 PM GMT
    So Pazzy lost his virginity. I wonder if I did post what I intended in that Grindr thread of his if it would have changed anything. I wonder if I could even post something now, or within the next 6 months that would affect him? Well holding out one's actions on account of a person who doesn't really post, haha. Oh if only someone like Stuart can motivate me to write.