(CNN)After months of tensions with Congress over a bill giving the legislature a say in the potential Iran nuclear deal, the White House indicated Tuesday that the president would be willing to sign the compromise version of the measure.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved the new version, which Democratic lobbying had watered down, in a vote Tuesday afternoon.

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While I've always thought it was mandated for congress to approve an agreement with Iran, apparently if it's not a treaty, there is no approval required. I think it's important that congress give full support to an agreement to make it that much stronger. That said, two things that concern me the most regarding congress is when they get involved in foreign affairs (how can you expect a majority of congress to understand foreign affairs let alone make an informed decision?), and when a bi-partisan majority approves anything. In a congress this evenly split, a veto-proof majority probably means we're all getting screwed somehow.