A couple of thoughts first: You might think this thread doesn't belong in this category that you're reading it in, but is does becuase it simply affects part of the lives of those of us who are concerned about all things gay. And also, I'm truly sorry if this bores you or upsets you but after listening to Sen. Rubio, I felt the need to share some thoughts. I realize it's going to be a long road until we get to the elections but there are so many uninformed folks talking out load to the masses.

Sen. Marco Rubio is trying to tell the world that gays are OK but anyone with a high school education should see that this is simply a political ploy to win gay votes. On the other side of the table, although not running for office. there is Michelle Bachmann still running her mouth with anti-gay speeches which are probably supported by most of the other Republican Presidential candidates:


The bottom line here is that this is America and we are all free to speak how we feel (to some degree). However, please keep God out of the conversation. He never wanted to be in it.

Matthew 22:21b:
Then He said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

As an example (beyond what Michelle is talking about), putting "In God We Trust" on the American currency (approved by an act of Congress on this date in 1864) is not an authorized approach as noted in Matthew 22:21b (MEV).

As Americans, everyone is guaranteed their freedoms which include that of Free Speech. The government however is exempt from that to some degree and has the responsibility of protecting the speech of all of the people. Even Rubio and Bachmann. Even Hillary. Even especially you and me. Americans have the ability to choose if they believe in a God or not and it's a foundation of the American government to allow her people that choice, not make it for them. This doesn't make Americans the favored people by a long shot of the same God that is refereed to in their coinage but practicing the way of government that we purport to follow will point us in the right direction.

Sift through these simple ideas and for your own sake. Take a stand and support them now and then again when you vote for that candidate who will truly be an American who will support all Americans.

America has the right idea for sure but there are so many folks who really don't comprehend it all. This is going to be a tiresome journey for sure. But hey, have you noticed how good Hillary looks lately? I think she's up for the trip. icon_cool.gif