so I don't know f this is the appropriate place to put this topic but here it goes

Here in South Africa which is supposed to be a 'rapidly advancing country' we've faced a spate of xenophobia that has resulted in the deaths of a substantial amount of immigrants. As sad as this is, I look at the situation and ask myself: why is it that xenophobia is always directed at Africans?

In South Africa, we have never had xenophobic attacks on Europeans, North or South Americans, Australians or Asians (at least not en masse) It's so surprising how black South Africans (sorry if this offends anyone but the vast majority of xenophobes are black people) have o much hatred towards foreign black people but readily accept foreign white people? Even white African immigrants do not face xenophobia in this country, yet blacks do. This goes beyond me.

Is there anyone who finds this deeply disturbing? Or is there someone from a different continent that has witnessed its own people having such a self hatred complex?