Befuddled I often wonder what is wrong with people.
Why did I not enjoy having to see and feel the impact of what is going on around me anymore?
Not a pretty enough picture for which I might presume.
You did not want to take the moment to listen, hear me out, and learn.
What I might actually make the effort to say to you?
You did not want to waste any of your precious time to speak to me or get to know anything about me.
Did I not look good enough for you to talk to, listen to or have a polite conversation?
Disoriented, distracted, an attempt to conquer and divide too preoccupied to distinguish what is in actuality important.
You did not want to buy what I am selling or offering to you?
Finding nothing really matters as much is that significant after all.
It is a reflection all about me and not you.
The position, the power, the wealth and the control is what really matters.
Follow and it will guide you down the garden path.
Do not waste anymore of my valuable time.
Well not for any of my involvement, obligation or problem then it is for the members only.
Seeking someone’s approval or acceptance is really not fundamentally important as is the manipulation encapsulation that we are living in.
It’s not only about what you really believe in for it is clearly something that can be made out of nothing.
Establish the belief system, the marketing, the spin and the propaganda.
A control, a support, a collection and feeding system for the priviledged that will really receive the benefit not you.
What does it matter anymore?
Questioning what do I really want or need?
After all the debt equals money for me and not you.
No money then no honey.
The buzz, the honey in actual fact not so sweet after all.
It just seemed that way at the time.
Not unlike sucking on a lemon, it was quite bittersweet, with a lasting after taste, a sting for you to forfeit.
What you might perceive as a freedom, a choice offering hope in a haze of deception.
Not to be assumed, taken for granted because there are those principles and initiatives hiding in the midst of all the smoke and mirrors.
A brand that you may choose from that has no substantive difference at all.
The wool was pulled over the eyes of the sheeples.
The behemoth in time will reveal itself to you and show its true colours and nature.
Nothing will ever seem novel, interesting, or as relevant evermore in the aftermath.
The real intrinsic value is the proof in the pudding.
The proof is the proof.
Compelling because I say so and that is why you should believe in what I have to say or not.
It is after all the most convenient truth that is designed for me and not for you.