I'm in college and I'm openly gay, yet not too fem. I've been best friends with a guy for like 8 months now. We are literally like ALWAYS together. We have been just really close friends and but within the last months I have had the thought about us being more than friends on an almost daily basis. Literally when we're around each other I feel happiness that I have never experienced. He isn't like the PERFECT looking person yet I find things about him really attractive. He often and very often point out girls that he wants to "smash" and I just act like I don't care lol. We go to college parties together and always go out to eat and ****. A couple of weeks ago he was DD and we were coming from a party & I had a little bit much in my system. I was being calm and collected and we were on our way back to his place (where I was staying because I was drunk) and then he asked, "how did you know you were gay?" Being in my drunken stupor I don't remember the whole convo but I remember him saying that after his last relationship he's questioned his sexuality he says that he can see himself with a guy emotionally yet the whole "sexual" thing he isn't into. I told him that it could be normal because most people do question their sexuality at least once in their lifetime. I told him that I would rather have that convo when I'm not drunk so I could give him a more accurate answer. That morning I text and ask him if we could have that conversation again and he said he wouldn't mind. The next time we hung out we were chilling and I brought it up. He brushed it off and switched subjects without entertaining the question. I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable so I left it alone and never brought it up again. I'm really torn with what to do! I REALLY enjoy having him as a friend yet I'm curious on how it would be if we took it to the next level. I've never had a straight guy friend this close and I really appreciate what we have. I need advice on what to do? Do you think he's gay? I really feel a connection with him and it's hard for me to keep pretendinf I don't.