The US raid killed Bin Laden. Other than that, all of the facts as told to us may have been fiction.

I know that Southbeach already accused Obama of lying about the raid in another thread. But then it degenerated into the usual suspects name calling and insulting each other. But there was no cite to the full story as published in the UK.

Here it is:

Were Obama and company lying, and is Hersh out to lunch? I don't know. But I do know that Hersh has been right in the past on major scoops when the mainstream media pooh-poohed his stories, and I know that one should never take any US government pronouncements at face value. Time will tell, but what Hersh says sounds far more credible than what the government says - the main point - that Pakistan helped out, but didn't want it known that they did. Not to believable that with all the shooting going on, and a fire and explosion, in a city and close to a major Pakistani military base, that no one was aroused. Huge fire, and no fire department response?? Yeah, right.