Coming back from a break

  • maxferguson

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    May 18, 2015 4:17 AM GMT
    I've been studying for an exam for the last six months and the last three of those have really curbed my gym time to accommodate. I'm wondering how you guys get back into it when coming off a break/reduced routine.

    When I was swimming we'd take it easier in the pool at first, but no mercy on dryland stuff. Do you generally start with core/cardio and then build up from there? What's worked for you in the past?
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    May 18, 2015 5:17 AM GMT
    Get back into it the same way you got into it in the first place.

    Start slow, and ...
  • Local_warming

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    Aug 15, 2015 1:14 PM GMT
    Hardest thing I've found, at various times, when coming back from injury, is realising how far you've fallen when you start back into it again. Progress is slow, and it feels like you'll never get back to where you were before. Then after a couple of weeks (or less depending on howling you've been out for), something just seems to click, and things start to fall back into place. So don't let the initial disappointment keep you back, it won't stick around
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    Aug 17, 2015 6:24 PM GMT
    Just got back in the gym recently after a two month break. Felt kind of weird for a day or two but eventually I just stopped thinking about it and it felt natural again.