Steefen Looks at the Extended Interview on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and Reza Aslan and the Posted Comments

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    May 18, 2015 1:06 PM GMT
    The Spirituality, Religion, and Theological Angle as opposed to the Gay News and Events angle - "hatred and bigot" focus of metta8's post.


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    May 19, 2015 1:43 AM GMT
    Reza Aslan

    What drives me bananas is the notion that Islam needs a reformation.


    Christianity needs another Reformation. Do a youtube search on WBFbySteefen and see the latest video. It is likely that Islam needs a reformation in response to the Reformation 2.0 Christianity needs. Even Judaism needs a Reformation. The three religions need to adopt historical accuracy at higher standards.

    The three religions need to bring in reincarnation and life between lives (see amazon for the three books related to Life between Lives: Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life between Lives is the first).

    A higher standard of historical accuracy about Jesus and Christianity involves the information in the WBFbySteefen video. One of the things I got out of the video is Jesus' prophecy about the destruction of the Temple of Judaism begs us to study history to get more information about the destruction of the Temple and whether or not the Tribulation happened then or not.

    Second, with Jesus being rejected as the Son of Man and his seeing that on the Monday after Palm Sunday--seeing it with such evidence that as he left the Temple that day, he practically said, a Jewish Son of Man is rejected at the Temple, then, there was no more need for a Temple. Then in Acts, Stephen, the martyr re-iterates religion not needing the Temple--he also re-iterates the phrase that lights up Temple authorities to execute (Stephen) or have executed (Jesus) the ones who say: I see the Son of Man sitting at the side of Power. Remembering Jesus' Parable of the Wicked Tenants where, actually, the Promised Land is taken from the ones who killed messengers and even the son of the God of Israel, Moses, and Elijah, one must ask to whom was it given after it was taken from the Jews? The answer is the Romans of the Flavian empire, the empire where the Son of Man, in contrast to the Son of the God of Abraham, did come to Jerusalem. His triumph was glorified in triumphal parade and an arc of triumph for Titus, Son of Man after Jesus was unable to fulfill all the duties of the role.

    The Son of Man sits at the right hand of the Power? Titus went back to Rome and sat next to the Power, his father, Vespasian, emperor of Rome.