Stiff-Armed! College Football Player Kicked Off Team, Indicted after Getting Caught Lying About Gay Bashing

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    Jun 01, 2015 7:32 PM GMT
    “Stu don’t like that shit!", eh? Well, Steward, how do you "like" this?

    Daily BeastThe 21-year-old man had been locking lips with a 22-year-old man, immersed in a public display of affection after spending time at a local gay bar. It was predawn on April 5 and the couple had stopped for a spontaneous smooch en route to their hotel.

    All of a sudden, according to detectives, a red Chevy Cobalt screeched to a stop on 5th Avenue and 9th Street in Huntington, West Virginia.

    The man riding shotgun got out of the car and darted straight for his targets. “Stu don’t like that shit,” the man allegedly said. “Uh-uh, Stu don’t like that shit.”

    The pugilist (who seemed to favor talking in third person) would later be fingered by police as Steward “Stu” Butler, a 23-year-old standout running back at Marshall University.

    In the one-minute video, filmed by one of the victims, the attacker yells, “You motherf*cking f*ggots. N*gger-*ss f*ggots,” says Huntington Police Detective Chris Sperry, who described the video to The Daily Beast.

    “It’s just awful,” the detective said. “They both get hit once in the face.”

    It was all caught on a mobile-phone camera, even after the phone crashed to the ground during the alleged assault. “One of the poor kids drops his camera,” Sperry says, “and you hear his partner asking him ‘Are you okay? You okay?’”

    The attacker then scurried back into the Chevy and the driver zipped off.

    The vicious footage shook the 22-year veteran detective. “After seeing the video and what they did to these two individuals and thinking ‘This is bad!’ Watching it is like ‘Oh my goodness,’” he said.

    But the video also presented the detective with clues that, he says, led him to the running back. “When I ran the plate, it came back to a woman from [sic] who had just graduated from Marshall,” Sperry said.

    When the detective reached the car owner, he says, she gave up both the driver and Butler.

    After Butler allegedly sucker-punched the men, he heard his friend behind the wheel of the Chevy shout “Come on, man! Let’s go. Let’s go,” Sperry said.

    That mystery driver may have had selfish reasons to speed off. Police say they’ve identified him as a Marshall University teammate of Butler’s, and say that coaches told them the young man was apparently being scouted by NFL teams.

    But that guy's NOT gay... so no CFL for him! icon_wink.gif

    Daily BeastIt’s possible Butler and his buddy may have thought they’d dodged the law.

    That seemed to be how Butler was playing his cards when Sperry first quizzed the senior running back.

    “I had no idea he was a football player,” Sperry says. “He just started telling me ‘They pushed me and I felt threatened.’” (Repeated calls to Butler’s lawyer for comment on this story were not returned.)

    Already armed with the video, Sperry says he listened to Butler’s version of events before cutting him off. “I said, ‘Hold on right there. Sir, it’s on video.’”

    According to the detective, Butler began grasping for an out.

    “He said ‘What?’ and then he started backpedaling,” the detective recalls. And name-checking. He allegedly told the detective that he was a Marshall University football player and that he needed to talk to his coaches.

    That didn’t impress the cop.

    But the detective believes the football program wasn’t willing to play ball with the police investigation and that they stonewalled him at almost every turn.

    “They looked at the video and they definitely could tell who it was but they wouldn’t tell me,” Sperry says. “That’s the kind of cooperation I got there.”

    As for the mystery driver, “One of the coaches who gave me his name and card told me 11 days ago that that man was getting ready to be drafted in the NFL,” Sperry says.

    The driver remains unknown. Sperry said he pressed the Marshall coaches but they remained mum. “They said he didn’t do anything and they wouldn’t tell me who he is,” he said.

    According to NFL Draft results Marshall University's Thundering Herd cornerback Darryl Roberts was selected by the Super Bowl champs the New England Patriots in the seventh round.

    Oh! So... Deflect-gate! icon_lol.gif

    Daily BeastAttempts to reach Marshall administrators for comment were unsuccessful, but yesterday, Butler surrendered to authorities and the college suspended him.

    He faces two battery misdemeanors for the beatdown.

    “This type of violent, bigoted behavior reported to have been perpetrated by this student is not tolerated at Marshall University. Period. This is an extremely serious matter,” the school’s interim president, Gary G. White, said in a statement.
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    Jun 01, 2015 7:38 PM GMT

    As for the Butler who (allegedly, "cough") Did It, he's been kicked off the football team. Plus...

    QueertyButler was charged with two battery misdemeanors. (West Virginia’s hate crimes laws does not include sexual orientation.) On Friday, a Grand Jury indicted him on both counts. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 on each charge.

    Daily BeastHe has numerous prior drug charges back in his hometown of Lakeland, Florida, including getting caught carrying a lot of dope back in 2009. He was given a year probation in that charge. A year later, the running back was found guilty in a domestic violence dispute. A month after according to court records, Butler was nabbed for pot possession (a misdemeanor), and was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

    You can see why the Marshall University staff thought he'd make a great running back and student-athlete. Look how much effort he goes through eluding the cops! icon_lol.gif

    Daily Beast...a woman who answered a phone at Butler’s home and identified herself as Butler’s grandmother told The Daily Beast he’s no gay basher.

    “I don’t think he would do something like that. That’s not the grandson I know,” she said.

    And with that, Granny went back to reading her favorite source for news and current events... The Onion. icon_lol.gif
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    Jun 02, 2015 12:46 PM GMT
    This is disgusting. This vicious, bigoted punk doesn't deserve a successful NFL career, he belongs in prison. Look at all his prior run ins with the law. Yet the football coaches at Marshall were probably first thinking of coddling and covering up for him by staying mum on the issue. This violent gay bashing attack should also be a wake up call to all members of the West Virginia state legislature to stop being so blindly conservative and add sexual orientation to their hate crimes laws. icon_mad.gif